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Start Recycling Your Foodwaste! - posted 12.22.08

It's that time of year! Where many of us are eating out, going to dinners with families and friends, or going away on vacation. Many times, it means we have tons of food in the fridge that goes to waste. Before throwing your food items in the trash chute, see if it is on this list of acceptable foodwaste items that can be recycled! We just added a foodwaste recycle bin right next to the glass bin in the garage. Please use it!! At my work, they took away everyone's personal garbage bin and replaced it with a recycle bin. If we have actual garbage now, we have to walk down the hallway to the central garbage can. This reduced waste up to 70% since the time the program was started, which goes to show that we are creatures of convenience and habit. Taking that extra step to recycle as much as you can, can and does help!

Acceptable Foodwaste items to recycle are:

Food scraps (vegetative waste): Fruit & vegetables, Bread, pasta, grains, Eggshells, Nutshells, Coffee grounds & filters, Tea bags
Food-soiled paper: Paper towels & napkins, Uncoated paper plates & cups, Paper food wrap, Greasy pizza boxes, Shredded paper, Paper bags containing vegetative waste

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Keep these items out of your yard waste cart and other yard waste containers:
· Plastic bags
· Meat, fish, and chicken
· Dairy products (milk, butter, cheese)
· Styrofoam containers
· Coated paper cups & plates
· Grease
· Liquids
· Facial or toilet tissue
· Diapers

Miller Park Community Center Park resurfacing, meeting November 5th - posted 10.30.08

Miller Playfield resurfacing meeting: Nov 5th

Posted: 30 Oct 2008 01:30 AM CDT

(see Andrew's notes at end, and accompanying blog entries)


Gregory J. Nickels, Mayor
Timothy Gallagher, Superintendent


Seattle Parks and Recreation will host a public meeting to present and discuss concepts for replacing the existing field surface at Miller Playfield on Wednesday, Nov., 5, 2008 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Miller Community Center.

The project is to upgrade the field surface by replacing the existing all-weather sand/silt surface with synthetic turf similar to the surface at Bob by Morris Playfield. Miller Community Center is located at 330 19th Ave. E.

Planning and design is funded in 2008 and Parks has requested construction funding in the 2009 budget. The community requested this project through the Community Capital Suggestion Process. The public is encouraged to attend and provide direction on the preferred synthetic turf field surface.

The field currently supports soccer and two softball fields, and Parks is considering a request to include field markings for both women’s and men’s lacrosse.

For more information, please contact Ted Holden, Project manager and Senior Landscape Architect, at 206-684-7021 or vog.elttaes|nedloh.det#vog.elttaes|nedloh.det.

Seattle Neighborhood Summit at City Hall Next Tuesday - posted 10.24.08

(see attached flyer - scroll to bottom of page and click file — seattle neighborhood summit.jpg) Please be there at City Hall the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 28 for the Seattle Neighborhoods Summit! Express your ideas and meet with others who care about Seattle and its neighborhoods. Light supper available throughout. The event begins at 5:15 p.m. with informal networking with other volunteers and with City officials, and the program begins at 6. First on the agenda is a keynote address by the Mayor. Then your choice from fourteen focus groups, repeated twice. The summit ends with a City Council panel interacting with issues and questions from the focus groups. Please help us publicize this important event, and urge your friends and neighbors to come. It will later be on television and in a written report. Can't come? Send your ideas or questions to the City Neighborhood Council, c/o Department of Neighborhoods, P.O. Box 94649, Seattle 98124-4649 or ten.oo|namelc#ten.oo|namelc (206) 322-5463. CNC is a Seattle advisory committee, made up of one representative from each of the thirteen district councils, which are also advisory committees. Free parking, for this event only, is available after 5 p.m. in the commuter lot under I-5 just north of Cherry Street (must enter southbound on 6th Avenue—left turn just before Cherry). For background: We welcome requests soon for interpretation in different languages. Below is the program: 5:15 Informal networking with other volunteers and with City officials. Program starts at 6PM.

Food/YardWaste Pilot Program - posted 10.24.08

We are doing a trial run before we fully commit to joining the City of Seattle's Food/Yardwaste program. At a cost to the association of $5.35/month, we will receive a 96-gallon wheeled receptacle for Food/Yardwaste. Under Helpful Articles/Recycling, you will find a list of what can go in this bin. My #1 contribution will be my food-soiled pizza boxes!

Another Reminder - Water Heaters must have Warranty by November 15th - posted 10.23.08

Hello folks. The November 15 deadline for all units to have a hot water tank under warranty is fast approaching.

Benla Water Heater will be coming on Thursday 10/30 to make installations for the eight homeowners who have opted to hire Benla. (Some may lapse over to Friday 10/31 depending on how fast the work goes.)

Units 106-N, 301-N, 408-N, 105-S, 207-S, 306-S, 403-S, 405-S need to confirm they'll be home on those days, or confirm the Resident Manager has an operable key for the unit, to give Benla access.

If you wish to have Benla make an installation for you, please contact the Property Manager asap at:
(206) 329-5221 (office)
(206) 329-5415 FAX
e-mail moc.nsm|amediehs#moc.nsm|amediehs

Reminder - Water Heaters must have Warranty by November 15th

A notice has been sent out to all residents regarding Water Heaters needing to be under warranty. Water heaters without warranty need to be replaced and/or put under warranty by November 15th. The Board has worked out a group discount with Benla Water Heater. The following bulk pricing was sent out to the homeowners as an optional route to replace their water heaters (please contact Suzanne at moc.nsm|amediehs#moc.nsm|amediehs to take advantage of this discount):

  1. 50 gallon electric water heater with six year warranty (Bradford-White) and installation - $695 plus tax
  2. 50 gallon electric water heater with ten year warranty (Bradford-White) and installation - $785 plus tax
  3. Additional $75 installation charge for those residences with the stack washer/dryer that has to be removed and reinstalled, to install the new hot water heater behind.
    1. New drip pan (mandatory if no pan present) - $35
    2. Water alarm - $35
    3. Earthquake kit - $75 (Several units have no strapping, or kit not meeting current code)

Open House/Workshop for Pike/Pine Corridor - posted October 8, 2008

For those folks who are very interested in the future of the Pike-Pine corridor, an upcoming meeting may be of great interest.

Seattle's Department of Planning & Development (DPD) is planning an Open House/Workshop on:
Tuesday October 14 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM (presentation at 6:30 PM).
Seattle Central Community College,Room BE 1110 (ground floor).

They will be discussing such things as:

*Promoting Mixed Use Development
*Keeping new development compatible and in scale with the neighborhood.
*Encouraging small, diverse local businesses.
*Promoting saving older buildings of character.
*Helping retain and attract arts and cultural uses.
*The outcome is expected to be changes to the Land Use Code, by the City Council.

Recycling Fines and Fees?!! August 21, 2008

I was doing a little recycling research today and found out a couple of interesting facts that will cost the apathetic!

Disposable Bag Green Fee
To encourage shoppers to switch to reusable bags and cut down on waste, the City of Seattle passed a 20-cent green fee on disposable shopping bags, both paper and plastic.

  • The fee will begin Jan. 1, 2009. It will be charged at grocery, drug and convenience stores — the source of almost 75 percent of all bags. This will save 4,000 tons of greenhouse gas per year, that’s the same as taking 665 cars off the road
  • The fee will not apply to bags used inside stores to contain bulk items; bags for prepared food, such as deli or bakery goods; newspapers; and dry-cleaner bags
  • Merchants will retain 5 cents per bag for taxes and administrative costs. Businesses that gross less than $1 million will keep the entire 20-cent fee.
  • City revenue — 15 cents per bag — will be used for waste prevention, recycling, city cleanup and environmental education programs.

"New" recycling rules
Did you know this? This isn't a new rule, but it's news to me! So I thought I would share….

Beginning January 1, 2005, City of Seattle Ordinance 121372 prohibits recyclable paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum and tin cans in garbage containers (this includes cans, detachable containers and drop boxes). Food-soiled paper is not recyclable. The City will conduct random visual inspections, and if significant amounts of recyclables are found dumped in the garbage, notices on proper recycling methods will be provided.

After January 1, 2006, up to two warning notices and educational materials will be provided at apartments and condominiums before an additional collection charge of $50 to the garbage account holder is levied.

Planter Box Update, February 2, 2006

You may have noticed that there is some work going on with the newly
renovated planter boxes. Soon after the first rainfall of the year units
on the first floor reported flooding in their units. Upon further
investigation it was found that the planter boxes are leaking. All work
on the planter boxes was fully warranted for one year.

Due to the complexity of the contracts and issues involved with the
project and warranty work the board has agreed to hire the law firm of
Barker-Martin to help guide the association through the process of
rectifying the problems with the planter boxes. Additionally, we have
retained the services of Morrison Hershfield to act as an independent
inspector and consultant for any warranty work that is performed.

Our attorney, independent inspector and a board member are meeting with
the contractors regarding the planter box problems on Thursday, February
1st, 2006 to discuss rectifying the issues we are having.

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