Special Meeting 11 10 2014

November 10, 2014

Parc On Summit Condominium Minutes - Special Meeting

Meeting started at 6:11pm with all board members are in attendance. The board talked about monthly meeting logistics, and individual members expressed concerns over the early start time and duration of the meetings. Allison will work to find a new meeting location that is open after 8pm. Additionally, future special meetings will use a conference system over meeting in person.

The board needs to deal with the owner unit keys. We have multiple questions we need to answer before we can come to a conclusion. Jeremy motions that we have Phillips hold on to the keys for a short time until we find a replacement building manager. Sarah seconded and the motion passes unanimously.

The board reviewed the current building manager contract to understand how the needs of the builds and residents match the current job description. It became evident throughout the meeting that if the building were to have a off-site manager, we would need to make a concierge desk with internet and amenities so the manager can perform their duties effectively.

Alin will follow up on the current budget to see how we are tracking so far and what we can offer a new building manager considering the current financial situation. Additionally, such reports should be prepared quarterly. Alin will also follow up with Philips about the Bulger costs to understand what is the HOA’s responsibility and what is Philips’ responsibility due to the miskeying of multiple storage rooms.

After much discussion, the boards preference is full-time, on-site but will vote to confirm once the financials are reviewed at the board meeting on Nov. 17th. Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

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