Special Meeting 09 04 2014

September 4, 2014

Parc On Summit Condominium Minutes - Special Meeting

Call to Order:
Sarah Morgans, President called to order the Special meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium Association at 7:20 PM on Sunday September 4th, 2014 at the Parc on Summit - 1616 Summit Ave., Seattle, WA 98122.

Sarah Morgans - President
Mike Raschko, Vice President
Alin Sirbu - Treasurer
Allison Light – Secretary
Jeremy LaCivita - Member at Large
Marium Mohammad — Property Manager, Phillips Real Estate Service

This meeting is held to discuss Parc business and ratify votes previously held electronically.
Allison motions to have Dan silver send a cease and desist letter to Dave Swanson for the verbal harassment and threatening of Marium and Steve the temporary manager. Sarah seconded. The motion passes with Sarah, Mike, and allison approving, Jeremy opposed, and Alin abstaining.
Sarah motions to waive notice for the meeting to discuss the onsite manager. Alin seconded, all in favor.
Sarah motions to waive notice for the loan signing meeting, knowing that we will make best effort to schedule for Alin’s schedule. Jeremy seconded, all in favor.
Mike motion to have Dan send Dave a ten day notice to remove personal content from garage cage. Jeremy second, all in favor.
Mike motions to sign the order to rekey the elevators emergency key boxes. Jeremy seconded, all in favor.


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