Board Meeting 08 2014

Parc On Summit Condominium Board of Directors Meeting on August 19, 2014

Call to Order:
Mike Raschko, Vice president called to order the Board of Directors meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium Association at 6:33PM on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 at the Capitol Hill Public Library - 425 E. Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

Sarah Morgans (call-in) - President
Mike Raschko, Vice President
Alin Sirbu - Treasurer
Allison Light – Secretary
Jeremy LaCivita - Member at Large
Marium Mohammad - Property Manager, Phillips Real Estate Service
Melissa Musser - Community Associations Director, Phillips Real Estate Service
Home Owners: Steve Wilson, Forrest Rode, Dave Swanson, Matt Ayer
Potential Home owner: Galan Potter & Karen B.

Open Forum
Karen B: I would like to know about the special assessment and how much is owed as a result. My son is looking to purchase a unit within Parc on summit
The information should be included in the materials provided to you by your real estate agent.

Forest Rode: How do I make sure that my money goes to the special assessment and not towards anything else?
Email Marium and Melissa with the intent of your payments and they’ll make sure that it goes to the right place.

Dave Swanson: I wanted to talk about things being replaced in the special assessment and maintenance. I am providing the report I gave to the previous board about typical actions that are taken during construction. The building maintenance has been cut back by contractor services and I want to make certain items are covered

Mike Rashko made a motion to approve the July minutes, Alin Sirbu seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Ratification of Emergent Board Resolutions
Motion by Sarah Morgans on 8/7/14: I move that we have the notice boards in the two mailrooms and two elevators rekeyed. Revised motion by Allison Light on 8/7/14: There is no key for the board inside the elevator. Revised motion below: I move that we have the notice boards in the two mailrooms rekeyed. Seconded by Alin Sirbu on 8/7/14.
Mike made a motion to ratify this emergent board resolution, Alin Sirbu seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report — Alin Sirbu
There is incomplete information and wrong numbers in the financials. Alin was not able to meet with the Phillips contact due to schedule conflicts. He would like to postpone updates until the next meeting. Alin will be going to Phillip’s tomorrow, August 6th to discus the discrepencies. All board members are in favor of this.

Update from Melissa Musser: Phillips is implementing a new software platform with secure, 24-hour access.

Construction Committee Chair Report — Jeremy LaCivita
There was a Construction workshop on August 5th with David Bach to get the new board members up to speed on the project. Since then, a committee has formed consisting of previous and existing board members.We had a constructive meeting on the 5th with David Bach to get up to speed on the project. We have formed a committee consisting of previous and existing board members. Currently, we are tweaking the contract and are close to being ready to sign.

Update from Sarah Morgans: The contract has been signed by the contractor and is being sent to her address. She will wait to sign until the committee gives final approval.

Home owner David Swanson inquired about value engineering to see how we can cut costs across the project. There was agreement across the old and the new board members that the appropriate measures were taken, while ensuring that the building materials are high quality.

Community Association Manager Report — Marium Mohammed
Nothing to report due to the board’s constant contact via email. Moving forward, the board would like Marium to come prepared with a report of the top issues discussed in the past month, the current status of those issues, and the resolution of each issue, if applicable.

Temporary Building Manager Report
This was not prepared prior to the meeting. Marium to email to the board.

Old business
Status of loan commitment letter and $3,000 loan legal fees
Marium received Sarah’s signature, cut the check, fedex’ed it, and has sent a copy to Dan Silver.

Resolution ratifying passing of special assessment
Mike Raschko reviewed the Special Assessment passing, stating that it passed with a majority of home owners. The resolution was signed by Forrest Rode and Steve Wilson. This resolution is attached to these minutes.

The board needs to pick up the associations documents from the lawyer’s office. While these used to be stored on site, it is only $36 a year to store these at Iron Mountain through Phillip’s discount. Marium and Melissa will send the board a full breakdown of costs for both transporting and storing the documents at Iron Mountain.

August 6 posted notice about temporary building manager, August 11 posted notice about incidents, and August 12 mailed and emailed notice to owners about assessment payment
These notices were sent out to home owners and attached to these minutes.

New Business
Permanent Building Manager job search
Phillips has the job posting ready whenever the board is ready to begin the search. They will perform a criminal background check, ensure the candidates are hireable, and perform initial interviews of all applicants. They will then present the board with the best candidates to review and interview separately.

The board will sync up offline to determine who should be on point and then communicate with Phillip’s. Additionally, the board will have a workshop about building manager responsibilities, expectiations, and previous experiences at Parc on Summit.

Status of key inventory
Mike picked up the keys and has given them to Steve Paulis, the temporary manager. Phillips does not recommend the board or association members keeping keys and recommend storing them off site. Ellen Swanson still has one key that needs to be returned to Steve.

Home owner Dave Swanson expressed concern over the security of key boxes. The current thought is to store the keys in storage rooms accessible only by on-site resident managers.

The locks to some storage units were accidentally re-keyed in the beginning of August and were not properly re-keyed back to their original locks. Marium and Melissa will follow up with Steve asap so that residents can have access to their belongs. In the meantime, residents should contact the temporary manager if they need access to their units.

Marium and Melissa will also provide a full inventory of all keys in posession of the building manager to the board by EOD Friday, August 22nd.

Mission statement of working relationship request from Phillips
Marium would like to know what the new board expects from her and to what level she should communicate to the board. Melissa will resent the Association Manager’s Contract which the board will review to draft up expectations.

Process for invoice review and approval
When the board received the first invoice request, they had very limited time to review and ask questions before the due date. Moving forward, when an invoice is received, the board shall be given 48 hours to receive and review, giving all questions to Jeremy, who will then have another 48 hours to address with the vendors and give approval before the check has to be cut.

One-hour workshop with legal counsel
Sarah Morgans proposed a legal workshop for the board to have a better understanding of what occasions are appropriate for legal counsel. After receiving guidance from the previous board, the current board agreed that this workshop is unnecessary.

Melissa notified the board of Community Association Day on October 16th, hosted by the Community Association Institute. This is a show for condo board members with 400 different exhibits and classes specifically targeted for board members. Melissa will send out more information after the meeting.

Flooring requests from two owners
Per guidance from Forrest, home owners must get approval of the residents below them and also undergo an inspection process to verify that the material is installed per-spec with the correct sound rating.

Marium and Melissa will send the board the section of bylaws that deal with home-improvements inside condo units. From here, the board will discuss next steps.
Sarah Morgans has left the meeting due to connectivity issues and Mike Raschko continues presiding over the meeting
Condo certification
One owner has asked Phillips to fill out a re-finance questionnaire and was redirected to, a company that Phillip’s uses to help home owners with these forms. Because the owner was upset about this change, Phillip’s performed it free of charge as a courtesy, but will be deferring to moving forward.

The board agreed that this is an issue that the HOA board should not be involved in. Any questions regarding this should be directed to Phillip’s.

Unit 301 (manager’s unit) lease renewal and rate change
Allison Light made a motion to accept the lease renewal month to month and new rate change. This was seconded by Mike Raschko and unanimously approved by the remaining board members.

Adjorn to executive session
CDK Contract
Jeremy is glad that they signed it. He would like to talk to Ken about the substance of the changes he made. Jeremy will call him and walk through the changes, reporting back to the board once completed.

Building security breaches
Alin made a motion to replace the two missing cameras and investigate what other cameras we need on site. This was seconded by Jeremy and unanimously approved.

Bank accounts
Alin Sirbu made a motion to replace the signatories on the bank account to Sarah Morgans, Alin Sirbu, and Allison Light. This was seconded by Mike Raschko, and unanimously approved.

Next Board Meetings
Allison to follow up with Sarah about booking the next board meeting.


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