Special Meeting 08 05 2014

August 5, 2014
Parc On Summit Condominium Minutes - Special Meeting
Call to Order
Sarah Morgans, President called to order the special meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium Association at 8:30PM on Tuesday, August 5, 2013 at the rooftop of Parc on Summit – 1616 Summit Ave., Seattle, WA 98122.

Sarah Morgans - President
Mike Raschko - Vice President
Alin Sirbu - Treasurer
Allison Light – Secretary
Jeremy LaCivita - Member at Large

Ratification of Emergent Board Resolutions
The board met after the construction project and financials workshop to discuss and ratify motions proposed over mail. These are captured below
MOTION by Jeremy LaCivita: I move that we vote on accepting the previously proposed officer positions of
President: Sarah Morgans
Vice President: Mike Raschko
Secretary: Allison Light
Treasurer: Alin Sirbu
Member at Large/Construction Chair: Jeremy LaCivita
Seconded by Mike Raschko, all approved, passes.

MOTION by Mike Raschko: I move that Sarah Morgans signs and approves the loan acceptance letter and all accompanying papers, dating it for when Marium can cut and fedex the check to the bank
Seconded by Jeremy LaCivita, all approved, passes.

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