Property Manager

Drew Kelly, Property Manager

contact: moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd#moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd

GFK Management
100 W Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (206) 285-1645

At GFK, we work together as a team, sharing ideas and solutions. We visit each property at least once a month and develop good relationships with an approved list of vendors to ensure well-maintained grounds and facilities.

  • Quick response to homeowners’ questions and concerns
  • Intuitive accounting systems and efficient budget planning
  • Ongoing communication and education on changing regulations
  • Facilitating maintenance projects and major construction

For questions and contact information, call the main line at 206-285-1645 and ask for the following

  • General questions or common area service requests: Community Manager Drew Kelly, moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd#moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd
  • Home owner dues payment: Kristina or Drew, moc.tnemeganamkfg|anitsirk#moc.tnemeganamkfg|anitsirk or moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd#moc.tnemeganamkfg|werd
  • Accounting/Refinace/Sales information: Ben Kelly, moc.tnmeganamkfg|neb#moc.tnmeganamkfg|neb or
  • Emergencies: the main line and the owner will be put in contact with the Community Manager or the after-hours on call Community Manager
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