Hoa Meeting 12 2004

Homeowner’s Meeting Minutes 12.06.2004

Present: Dan Jacobs,Vadim Guzimov, Jim Corbin, Eva Strenger
• Dan Jacobs, president gave a short presentation to the homeowners. Dan indicated that to remove the planter boxes constitutes as a capital improvement which requires a 70% quorum from the homeowners. That would mean that approximately 55 units would have to vote yes to removing the planter boxes. Fixing the planter boxes is considered to be a repair and that does not require a quorum. Dan suggested to fix the planter boxes in order to be able to get started on the project. The life expectancy of the fixed planter boxes is about 15 years. Dan suggested that in the future the homeowner association should put more money in the reserves to have enough funds to cover the planter box fix when necessary.
• Once the amount of money necessary to cover fixing the planter boxes has been figured out, the homeowner association will have a special assessment. In order to spread out the special assessment into a manageable monthly figure, the association will take out a loan for 1.5 year.
• Dan indicated that the board had signed a contract with a company called Exterior Research and Design (ERD) to draw the scope of the project and solicit bids from contractors.
• ERD had a PowerPoint presentation. Their representatives gave an overview of the current state of the planter boxes. Currently the planter boxes are not waterproof; the drains are not functional, the boxes have no slope, where the planter box meets the sheeting the membrane is not waterproof. The solution is drill new drains, make the planter boxes slope, the sheeting needs to be replaced to prevent water entry, new membrane needs to be applied. When new drains were drilled in the planter boxes it caused minor cracking.
EDI representatives indicated that the bids were due in 12/6/04 by midnight. Once the bids are in, they are going to review them and make recommendation which contractor should be picked but it is up to the homeowners which contractors they choose.
• Once the decision is made which contractor will win the project, the completion of fixing the planter boxes should take 4 weeks.
• As the currently the planter boxes are empty once fixed they will need to be landscaped. The homeowner association is planning on establishing a landscaping committee comprising of homeowners to make landscaping decisions. Interested homeowners signed up for the landscaping committee: homeowners of of N107, S303, S107, N101, and S208.
• Osmar company to visit Parc on summit and create a bid for a new fence and a gate on the North corner where currently homeless people sleep on the stairs leading to the garage and for replacing/repairing the center gate between the 2 buildings and fixing the South gate.
• Vandalism in the elevators and in the mailroom. Plexiglas was broken in South building and new cases have been installed.
• Recycling will be taken over by the city of Seattle which should result in $1,600 savings per year. The dumpsters are going to be larger and the city will pick them up every other week.
Dry rot in the wall?
There might be some but it is impossible to tell until the sheeting is not removed.
There are 1-2 year work warranties and then manufacturer warranty of materials.
Would it decrease the individual assessment amount if a homeowner would pay the special assessment in one lump sum?
When can we expect an agreement to be in place?
As soon as the bids are back the homeowners can vote on which bid to accept.

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