Hoa Meeting 08 2006

Homeowners Meeting 08.22.2006

Meeting was called to order at 7:10PM.
President’s Report
• We hired Yates, Wood & McDonald, Inc. as our property management.
• We have started a website with meeting minutes, news, proposals, etc. and have established email accounts.
• Jim converted our reserve study to an excel spreadsheet. He also created quick reference for house rules, which are posted throughout the building.
• The board has retained counsel regarding the planter boxes, including an investigative firm. We will keep you updated as this moves forward.
Treasurer’s Report
• June 30th is end of fiscal year.
• Overall, the reserves are about $35k under funded.
Onsite Manager’s Report
• Shaved about $10k out of the operating budget due to trash, recycling, maintenance contracting, etc.
• Work on the south gate will begin in October.
• We’ve been looking at entrance doors and $5000 for doors is currently set aside.
• We landscaped the north end of the building from the planter boxes at a cost of about $2500 in an attempt to recycle materials from the planter boxes.
• We replaced the center gate.
• Remember the donation area at the north end of the garage, which saves us money on garbage and recycling.
• Please continue to take advantage of Dave’s expertise regarding your home improvement projects. We’d rather Dave help you than have to repair problems later.
• There is now a procedure in place to that allows unit owners to purchase underlayment for laminent flooring / tile flooring. Please contact the board for more information if you wish to put laminent or tile flooring into your unit.
New Business
• Suzanne Heidema, Steve Wilson, Joe Whiting were voted onto the board. Suzanne Heidema will serve as the board treasurer, Steve Wilson will serve as the board vice president, while Joe Whiting will serve as the member at large. Erica Ayers will continue on as the board’s president, while Joe Stump will continue on as the board’s secretary.
• A bylaw amendment to decrease the quorum from 40% to 25%, which is the minimum requirement for quorum under state law. The amendment failed.
• Revenue Resolution 70-604 passed

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