Common Elements

Common Elements

Here are a few of our building's common areas and ways you can help to maintain them!


When moving in/out, be sure to arrange for the Resident Manager to dress the elevator with moving blankets so that no damage is done to the interior of the elevators. Please report any damage found in an elevator or elevator bay in the forum in this site or email: moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap#moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap.


Treat these areas as extensions of your home! Please try to avoid touching/smudging the walls. Use the railings in the stairwells.


  • Be sure to read the notices posted in the mailroom and feel free to use the bulletin board to post notices to other residents (you may also now use the forum area for this purpose).
  • Please recycle junk mail.

Rooftop Decks

  • The rooftop decks are to remain open to all residents at all times (there is currently no way to block time out for a "private party"). The electric grills are provided for barbecuing - your own personal grills are prohibited.
  • Smokers, please use the Smoker Oasis to discard your cigarettes.
  • Please use the trash receptacle provided on the roof to dispose of garbage.
  • Please maintain the furniture provided on the decks.
  • Please do not encourage bird-loitering by NOT feeding the birds.

Recycle Bins

  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Glass

Trash Chutes

  • Do not overstuff the trash chutes. If you have garbage that does not fit in the trash chute, please physically take it down to the trash room.
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