Committee FAQs

Committee FAQs

What is a committee?

A committee is a group of residents who volunteer to work on a specific project or area that will enhance the community or aesthetic of the Parc On Summit. They will create a plan and budget, present it to the Board, and upon approval, manage the execution of the project.

It is important to note that projects are affected by the condo budget and can be delayed for many months to over a year depending on where the project lands on the priority list of the building.

Starting a committee

To start a committee, submit a general plan or idea to the Board using this form. Committee Proposal Form.

The board will discuss the idea/plan and invite the head of the committee to discuss the plan in detail in a board meeting or general meeting. To try to round up volunteers, feel free to use the Forums to discuss your committee ideas.

Joining a committee

If you see a committee listed on the website that you would like to join, contact the Head of that committee via email or through the forums. If you cannot reach the committee leader, please contact a Board member.

Updating the Website

Committee heads are encouraged to email moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap#moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap with event information (calendar events), progress reports, and/or other news to be added to the newsletter and your specific committee section on the website.

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