Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations, Parc On Summit Homeowner's Association


  1. Do not let any person not known to you into the building.
  2. Do not leave any outside access door propped open and unattended.
  3. Be sure any outside access door or gate is closed securely after you have passed through it/
  4. Report the presence of any suspicious appearing person on the premises to the Resident Manager and/or Police (911).
  5. Owners and residents are encouraged to notify the Resident Manager of vacation and business absences so tat special attention may be given.
  6. The Parc On Summit is now under contract with the Seattle Police Department for trespass enforcement. The purpose of this authority is to prevent criminal activity including: trespassing/loitering, vandalism, theft, etc.



  1. Each owner shall, at their sole expense, have the right and duty to keep the interior of their apartment and its equipment and appliances in good order, condition and repair, and shall do all cleaning, redecorating and painting at any time necessary to maintain the good appearance and condition of the apartment.
  2. In order to preserve uniform exterior appearance of the building, all draperies or window coverings visible from the exterior of the building must be of a neutral color.


  1. No owner or resident may modify, paint or otherwise decorate, landscape, change the landscaping or in any way alter any portion of the exterior of the building or any portion of any common or limited common area without first obtaining written consent of the Board.
  2. Nothing shall be altered, constructed in or removed from any common area without the prior written consent of the Board.
  1. No owner or resident shall cause or permit unslightly conditions to exist in their apartment if the area is exposed to public view or in any common or limited common area.
  2. All balconies shall be kept clean and in orderly condition free of hanging laundry, litter, damaged furniture, bicycles, etc.
  3. No awnings, air conditioning units or other projections shall be placed on the exterior walls of the building without prior written consent of the Board.
  4. Hanging items such as windsocks, flower baskets, wind-chimes, are not allowed due to wind/weather and safety conditions. Flower boxes may be on the inside of the patio only. Overhanging flower boxes are not allowed.
  5. No signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view from any apartment or common or limited common area without prior written consent from the Board.
  6. Only the electric Association barbecue grills are permitted on the roof decks. Electric or propane grills are allowed only on the balcony decks. No grills are allowed elsewhere on the premises. No charcoal briquettes are allowed at the property. An immediate $250 fine will be imposed for any lit briquette grills.

Remodels, Repairs, and Maintenance

  1. Each owner shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance of their apartment, including the interior windows and the interior doors. Owners shall be responsible for the cleaning, repair and maintenance of limited common areas such as balconies and parking spaces.
  2. The Resident Manager must be notified of any remodeling or other major construction work to be done in any individual unit and supplied with the name and phone nmber of the contractor/decorator involved.
  3. Each owner/tenant is responsible for any messes, spills, leakes or debris left in any of the common areas.
  4. All cumbustible petroleum or other environmentally hazardous materials should be disposed of by the workers or owners. DO NOT put such materials in the dumpsters.
  5. All paint cans, wood or carpet scraps or other leftover construction materials should be disposed of by the workers or owners. DO NOT throw such items down the trash chute or place in dumpsters.
  6. Elevator protective pads should be used when transporting carpets or other bulky construction materials and during move-ins and move-outs. See Resident Manager for the pads.
  7. Do not leave any items in the common areas.
  8. Please inform your contractor of our security concerns. Under no circumstances should an exterior door remain open or unattended.
  9. Work may be done Monday through Friday between 8AM and 8PM and Saturday/Sunday between 10AM and 8PM only.


  1. No animals, except dogs, cats, and other conventional household animals shall be kept in any unit or in the common or limited common areas, whether as pets or otherwise. All pets must be in strict compliance with these Regulations and all governmental laws, ordinances and regulations. A non-refundable pet fee of $200 will be paid to the Association each time a new resident moves into a unit with a pet. No pet shall exceeed a 35 pound weight limit.
  2. Owners and or their tenants shall not permit household pets to interfere with reasonable use and enjoyment of any other unit.
  3. Pets shall not be allowed in any common area unless on a leash or under the control of the owners.
  4. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet and for any damage caused by their pet or pets of their tenants, guests, tenant's guests, etc. The City of Seattle "pooper scooper" ordinances apply to the Parc On Summit.
  5. The Board may, at any time, require the removal of any animal, or cause such animal to be removed at the expense of the owners of the animal, including reasonalbe attorney's fees, when, in the Board's determination, the animal is disturbing other owners unreasonably. The Board may exercise this authority for specific animals, even though other pets are permitted to remain.

Rental of Apartments

  1. All leases and rental agreemetns must be in writing and by their terms shall provide that the terms of the lease are subject in all respects to the provisions of the Declarations, Bylaws, and all rules and regulations thereunder.
  2. A non-refundable fee of $200 will be paid to the Association each time a new tenant or lessee moves into a unit. This fee is an assessment against he unit and will be used for elevator inconvenience, cleanup, intercom reprogramming, touch-up painting, arrangements for phone and cable hook-up, etc.
  3. The Resident Manager must be provided with a copy of the lease or renal agreement prior to move in with hte name(s), phone number(s), and information regarding the tenant(s) and tenant's automobile(s) to be parked in the garage. This is important in case of emergencies and to provide informatio nregarding rule changes, meetings, etc.
  4. A tenant renting or leasing a unit must agree to rent the unit for a minimum of 30 days.
  5. All leases and rental of units must be of the entire unit.
  6. All teanants will agree, by signing the requisite rental/lease agreemetn, to comply with the provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and REgulations of the Association.
  7. Any failure of a tenant to comply wih said provisions shall be an event of default under the lease or rental agreement. In the case of such a default, the Board can require the owner to evict the tenant.
  8. The owner will be held responsible for any damage to common areas or limited common areas cased by the tenant whether or not the tenant was in violation of the rental agreement or any rules or regulations. Rental of a unit does not constitute a waiver of relinquishment of the owner's responsibilities as specified in the Declaration and the Bylaws.
  9. Any tenant that has a water or flotation bed shall pay to the Association an additional one-time fee of $25.00 to cover filling and emptying of the bed.
  10. The owner's home address and emergency number must be provided to the Resident Manager.


  1. Each parking stall is assigned to a resdiential unit and is for the se of the occupants of that unit or vehicles authorized by the occupant of the unit only.
  2. All owner/s residents must register their vehicle (make, modl, year, color, and license plate) with the Resident Manager.
  3. Parking stalls will be used solely for the parking of operative vehicles. Other items may not be stored in the parking stall, unless authorized in writing by the Board.
  4. Each owner is responsible for maintaining his/her parking space free of drips and debris. If it becomes necessary for hte Association to have the space cleaned, the owner will be charged for the cost involved. This will be an assessment against their unit.
  5. Parking spaces are not to be used for major auto repairs, performing body work or other similar purposes. Tune ups and minor repairs are acceptable. Oil changes must be done without spills. Oil must be disposed of properly NOT IN DUMPSTERS OR DOWN DRAINS. The parking stall must remain clean at all times.
  6. An owner may lease or rent his/her stall on a month to month basis or for a term not less than 30 days only to another occupant of the Parc On Summit. All rental agreemetns will be in writing and by their terms shall be provided that they are subject in all respects to the provisions of the Declaration and Bylaws and all rules and regulations. A copy of the rental agreement must go to the Resident Manager. The rental agreement shall automatically expire on the date the owner or tenant disposes of their interest in the unit.
  7. Vehicles parked improperly or illegally will be towed away at the vehicle owner's risk and expense.
  8. The Board may require removal of any inoperative or improperly licensed vehicle, or any destroyed, damaged or partially destroyed vehicle, and any other equipment or item improperly stored in a stall. If the same is not removed, the Board may cause removal at the risk and expense of the owner.

Storage Areas

  1. DO NOT store flammable liquids, odoriferous items or perishable food in the storage rooms.
  2. DO NOT store any hazardous (environmental or otherwise) substances in the storage rooms.
  3. All loose and miscellaenous storage items should be kept in respective owner's storage locker and not in owner's parking stall.
  4. Items left outside of individual lockers will be removed.

Common Areas

  1. NO SMOKING is permitted in any common area, including elevators, lobbies, hallways or stairs.
  2. All common areas and facilities shall be available for the use of all owners/residents provided their use does not interfere with the similar use by other owners/residents.
  3. Nothing shall be done or kept in any unit or in any common or limited common area which will increase the rate of insurance on the common or limited common areas or units.
  4. Damage to any common or limited common area by an owner, their guests, children, tenants, etc., hall be the responsibility of the owner and repaired at the owner's expense. The Board has a right to contract for the repairs and charge the owner who is responsible.

Recreational Areas (first level patio areas and north and south rooftops).

  1. These areas are for the use and enjoment of owners/residents. Use of these areas should not in any manner interfere with the reasonable comfort and enjoyment of other owners/residents. Guests are welcome as long as they are accompanied by the owner/resident and their use does not interfere with owners/residents use of the areas.
  2. After the areas have been used, the owners/residents are required to the leave the area clean, and in such a condition as they would like to find it.
  3. Children under 12 years of age must be in the company of an adult owner/resident and should not be allowed to unreasonably interfere with others use of the areas.
  4. Patio and roof areas are not to be used for group activity from 10PM until 10AM unless it is a quiet activity which will not disturb others.


  1. All garbage must be securely wrapped in a plastic bag before being dropped down the garbage chute. DO NOT put loose garbage or bottles down the chute.
  2. Cartons, boxes, and other large containers must be broken down and flattened and placed directly in the recycling container. DO NOT put such items down the garbage chute. This includes pizza boxes, as they are notorious for blocking chutes.
  3. DO NOT dispose of hazardous waste in the garbage chute, dumpster, or recycling containers. Such materials including paint cans, car batteries, motor oil, etc., must be removed from the property and properly disposed of by the resident.
  4. All glass, aluminum, tin, newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, and other recyclable items must be placed directly into the containers for this purpose, located in the garage. DO NOT put recyclable materials down the garbage chute or into the dumpsters.

Noise Disturbances

  1. No unreasonably noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any unit or common or limited common area.
  2. Owners/residents who are entertaining gests shall exercise reasonable control of persons in their unit to limit the noise level, particularly during the hours of 10PM to 10AM. No owner/resident shall habitually expose their neighbors to unreasonably high noise levels.
  3. The noise of steros, radios, televisions, and musical instruments, vices, etc., must be kept at a reasonable level.

Move Ins/Move Outs

  1. Moves must be scheduled in advance with the Resident Manager, to take place between 8AM and 8PM, so that he may hook up elevator pads, and give moving vehicles clearance to park in the loading zones and driveway.
  2. Security shall be the responsibility of the owner when either an owner or a tenant is moving in.

Homeowners Dues

  1. Per the bylaws, dues are payable on or before the first day of each motnh and must be postmarked by the 15th day of each month. An owner may not exempt himself or herself from payment for any reason. Dues postmarked later than the 15th will be subject to a late fee of not more than 25% of the amount of the dues. Any unpaid dues or late fees will also be subject to an 18% per annum interest charge.


  1. The Resident Manager and Board members will be allowed to access all units at reasonable times to enable access to parts of the common properties, in order to facilitate necessary repairs and for security purposes. Except in emergencies, prior notice will be given to the owner. Any owner who wishes to install an additional lock, shall provide or grant access to the key to the Resident Manager/Board Members (note: all such keys will be kept in a locked keybox in a locked room). In an emergency situation, if management or the Board does not have he key for a unit and forcible entry is necessary, the owner will be liable for all damage to the door and surrounding structure, incurred in the case of a forcible entry.
  1. Owners and residents should make their own arrangements for deliveries of any kind. The manager may be asked to accept a delivery, but prior notice should be given, if possible.


  1. Each owner, tenant or occupant of a unit hsall comply with the provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. Failure to comply shall be grounds for an action to recover sums due, damages and/or injunctive relief maintainable by the Board, the Association, or the Association's managing agent or its behalf.
  2. The sole authority for determining what types of noise and behaviors are considered reasonable or unreasonable shall rest with the Board and the Resident Manager.

Violations will result in the following:

A. The first offense will result in a verbal warning from the Resident Manager or a member or members of the Board.
B. A second offense will result in a written warning from the Resident Manager or a member or members of the Board. In the event that the violation is committed by a nonowner occupant or their guest(s), a copy of the warning will be sent to the owner.
C. A third offense will result in a $25 fine assessment against the unit occupied by the violator.
D. A fourth offense wil lreslt in a $75 fine assessment against the unit occupied b the violator.
E. Each successive violation will result in a $100 fine assessment against the nit occupied by the violator.

Air Conditioners

  1. All requests for installation of air conditioning unit shall be submitted to the Board in wirting prior to installation along with pictorial information, dimensions, and installation diagrams.
  2. The Board maintains the right to determine and define what is aesthetically and architectually pleasing.
    1. The air conditioner must be securely attached to the interior of the building.
    2. The air conditioning unit should be installed to be as flush as possible with the building so that not more than 3-4 inches of the unit projects out the window.
    3. Homeowners must accept full responsibility for all and all damages to the common areas from installation and/or operation of the air conditioner including water leaks and rust stains. A UL approved model is preferred.
    4. The air conditioner shall not cause noise loud enough to disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of the other homeowners and residents.
    5. Failure to comply with the guidelines will be considered a rule violation and subject to all the established procedures and fine schedules outlined in the Association's governing documents.
    6. The Board may require the removal of any air conditioning unit which it determines to be a safety hazard or unreasonably disturbing to other residents.
    7. Air conditioner approval is not transferable; each new unit resident must gain approval.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Policy

  1. Prior to the installation of hard surface flooring such as tile, slate, granite, and hardwood flooring, the owner shall submit a request in writing along with pictorial information, dimensions and installation diagrams.
  2. Except for ground floor units, the Board of Directors will require acoustic sound testing to be done by a licensed professional company at the homeowner expense to determine if any other units may be affected by a change in acoustics with the change from carpeting to a new hard surface flooring.
  3. Te owner must accept full responsibility for any and all damage done to the common areas or limited common areas due to the installation or maintenance of the hard surface flooring.
  4. The Board will require the requesting homeowner to obtain a signed, written affadavit from he owner directly below that approves the installation of the hard surface flooring in the unit submitting the request.
  5. Failure to comply with the guidelines will be considered a rule violation and subject to all the established collection and enforcement procedures, and fine schedules as outlined in the Association's governing documents.
  6. The Board may require the removal of any hard surface flooring installed in a unit in which it determines to be a safety hazard or unreasonably disturbing to other residents.
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