Board Meeting FAQs

Board Meeting FAQ

The Purpose of Board Meetings

Board members are in constant contact throughout the month and year, dividing and conquering issues to keep the ball rolling. The Board members try to meet at least once every other month to formally vote on issues, and summarize financial statements, any current litigation that may be occurring, homeowner issues, action items, and other ideas/issues concerning the Parc On Summit residents or the structure itself.

Who Can Come?

All homeowners are welcome to join us at our Board Meetings. Homeowners are given the first 15 minutes to present issues, and then are asked to spectate for the remainder of the meeting.

Where and when do we meet?

Board Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of the month, every other month, at 6:30PM at the GFK Offices (100 W Harrison St).

Open Meeting Policies

Homeowner Concerns & Presence at Board Meetings

We respect your needs and concerns, which is why we dedicate the first 15 minutes to homeowner issues. We may not engage in a discussion on the issue but we will move to discuss the resolution then or in executive session. All issues will be logged in the minutes. After the Homeowners presentations, homeowners are welcome to spectate the remainder of the board meeting. The Board may ask you to not to participate in discussions if it is felt that it will take us off task or prolong the meeting unnecessarily.

Let's Stay Constructive

Let's try to keep our conversations constructive and productive. If a problem is presented, ideally a resolution to the problem will be presented alongside it.

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