Board Meeting 9 2015

Meeting Minutes
Parc on Summit HOA Board Meeting - 17 September 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President Scott Clawson

  • Scott Clawson
  • Matt Ayer
  • Alin Sirbu
  • Galan Potter
  • Megan Pennington
  • Anthony Supenia

Approval of prior month's meeting minutes- August 2015


  • Construction update
    • Back Fence - design decisions, Tony will get several options with photos and benefits
    • Bring the Security Camera system back on line. Add more cameras Via
    • Intercom, Parking garage and Side entrances. etc.
      • intercom will be able to support cameras
      • to add 9 cameras $12,255
      • Anthony will look into a wireless solution with $1000 sepending limit.
    • Re-scope Elevator Flooring away from CDK and go with just a licensed elevator contractor to save costs.
      • Approved.
    • Some outdoor seating or furniture for the decks and courtyard, etc. plus another Electric BBQ
      • Megan will contact a supplier for bbqs and deck furniture.
    • Building key fob system- updated bid
      • 41k for all exterior doors including roof and storage. We will get a quote for exterior doors and roof only plus wiring installation.
  • Financials; Megan stated they would be out next week
    • Operating Cash Account
    • Alin is working on this and will have it completed in a couple days
  • Pest Control
    • Sprague Pest Control: Sprague is servicing building. All reported issues have been treated.
    • We will look at preventative measures after construction
  • Manager’s computer
    • $800 approved to purchase a desktop computer for Anthony to use in daily business

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00pm

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