Board Meeting 8 2015

Meeting Minutes
Parc on Summit HOA Board Meeting - 20 August 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:45pm by President Scott Clawson

  • Scott Clawson
  • Matt Ayer
  • Galan Potter
  • Anthony Supenia
  • Megan Pennington
  • Dena Lee N101 + 1 family member


  • Construction update
    • list item
    • Painting; behind; resolved colors for trim and wallpaper in elevator room
    • Siding behind but metal is to be delivered and installation to begin the next week
    • Stopped the order for benches in the elevator rooms until budget numbers come in savings of approx. $2300. Motion from Matt, all voted yes, to remove at this time.
    • Central location/security for all homeowners keys and location to be known by management and Board members
    • Garage Vent – installed
    • Discussed some owners concerns with the time it is taking for construction to wrap up
    • Fob: asking for a definitive number for the scope of work ; separate bid for storage room
    • Mag locks
    • Building signage In process
    • Budget: appears we are on target but waiting for more numbers to arrive
  • Financials; Megan stated they would be out next week
    • Alin and Megan have been working diligently to get books in order from the transition
    • Discussed the need to talk with bank about extension or drawing out the money necessary to complete the work prior to the Sept 20th, 2015 deadline. Megan is going to work with David Bach (construction company) and Mutual (Bank) to see this happens before deadline
    • Discussed two open insurance claims due to water damage
    • N504 bank owned and behind in paying bills, decision to have Megan contact them before discussing foreclosure
  • Pest Control
    • Sprague Pest Control ; contracting with them; discuss possible k-9 inspection
  • HOA meeting location
    • To be held at GFK’s offices until further notice, to meet every 3rd Thursday

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25pm

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