Board Meeting 3 2015

Parc on Summit Association Board of Directors
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Capitol Hill Branch of Seattle Public Library, March 19, 2015, 6:30 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Sarah Morgans, President; Mike Raschko, Vice-President; Allison Light, Secretary; Alin Sirbu, Treasurer

Guests in attendance: Condo Internet Representatives: Jason Holmes, John Stevens; Owners: Galan Potter, Matt Ayer, Suzanne Hiedema

Call to Order — Sarah Morgans called the March Board Meeting to order at 6:31 pm on Thursday, March 19, 2015 with a quorum of Sarah Morgans, Michael Raschko, and Allison Light.
Open Forum
Condo internet — Provide 100 Mbps and 1Gbps internet to buildings. In order to proceed, we need to understand what wiring exists on the building on Cat 3/4 pair, we can do 100 Mbs, Cat 5 for 1Gbs. Anthony will follow up and contact Jason with our infrastructure. Pricing is $80/mo for Gigabit and $60 for 100Mbps. Their package also includes free WiFi for common areas including rooftop deck. After a site survey, a determination is made for whether Condo will fund the construction costs or the HOA will cover. There is no minimum number of units that need to sign up in order to get service or have the costs covered.
Allison motions to approve Condo internet company to survey the building and determine whether it is a candidate for Condo internet services. Alin seconded. Sarah, Allison, and Alin are in favor; Mike abstains. The motion passes.
Galan Potter about water leakage into the garage. Anthony is working to resolve the issue — it is a two-step plan and should be resolved in the near future. Galan would also like to see future communications to the owners about current building issues, that it is being addressed, and when it is expected to be resolved.
Suzanne Hiedema has concerns over the accidental water leak and the quality of construction, especially as it relates to window replacement. The board encourages Suzanne to send an itemized list of the issues and accompany pictures to the list. The water leak is being handled over email.
Matt Ayer asked about the individual living underneath the stairs. Anthony has determined that the individual was a male, there does not appear to be forced entry into the unit, but the board believes that storage and utility rooms are getting picked at a regular basis. Sarah encourages owners to file police reports when they see suspicious behavior. Matt Ayer suggests that we have a targeted communication about security.
Sarah motions that we have a dedicated community meeting, likely in June, to detail all security issues to help owners understand the impact of quality of life and cost due to these issues. Allison seconds. All in favor and the motion passes.
Suzanne suggests that we consider a key fob system rather than a hard key because it is more secure and easy to deactivate when residents move out and do not return keys.
Ratification of February Regular Meeting Minutes — Mike moved to ratify the February Regular Meeting meetings, Alin seconded. All are in favor and the motion passes.
Ratification of board decisions made over email — Alin moved to ratify all board decisions made over email. Mike seconded. All are in favor and the motion passes
2/17/15 Manager’s unit paint bid: Sarah moved that we accept Anthony's paint bid for the manager's unit..
2/22/15 Manager’s unit repairs: Jeremy moved that the board approve $412.00 for the stove and faucet in the Managers unit.
3/13/15 Relocation reimbursement: Sarah moved that we accept David Bach’s recommendation that, for the timely payment to our owners and residents, the Association reimburse owners and residents directly for all reasonable relocation costs submitted, and that the Association then seek to recover those costs from CDK or its subcontractor.
3/17/15 Sprinkler system valve repair: Sarah moved that we approve the sprinkler shut off valve repair, estimated at $1500.00.
Old Business
Hard-surface flooring guidelines — We need a recommendation for a fine before we can proceed with the final ratification of the new policy. Mike is on point to follow up.
New Business
Material review with Kilburn Architects
Tile choice — Alin, Anthony, and Allison prefer the light grout, Sarah prefers the dark grout, Mike abstained. The board decides to move forward with the light grout.
Bench choice — Sarah, Anthony, and Alin prefer the wooden terra bench. Allison prefers the smoke leather backless bench. Mike abstained. The board decides to move forward with the wooden terra bench.
Community association management company selection — Alin motions that we accept GFK Management's proposal (Attached) for managing the Parc on Summit Condominium for the sum of $1595 per month starting with May 1st, provided that our attorney David Silver reviews the contract prior to us signing. Mike seconded. All are in favor and the motion passes.
Building Manager tools and equipment — All the storage areas are cleaned out; the remaining items are the snapper lawn vac and the mower. The snapper may be the property of the previous building manager but the association needs the invoices for the item to verify the correct owner. The equipment budget did not take into account the tools that need to be purchased, so we go over budget on this area. Anthony will give the board a list of the items he needs to perform his duties. Anthony and Allison will also work together to create an inventory of Parc on Summit tools.
Security recommendation to community — covered in open forum.

Construction Committee Chair Report — Jeremy is not present; skipped
Treasurer Report — Financials were received late from Phillips; skipped
Community Association Manager Report — Scott is not present; skipped
On-Site Building Manager Report — Anthony has prepared a number of options for the intercom system. Allison and Anthony will discuss further and propose an option to move forward with over email.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48pm.

Next Meeting: April 16

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