Board Meeting 2017 02

Galan President
Alin Treasurer
Dena Lee MAL
Anthony Manager
Eric GFK Management
Philip Renter

Patrick and Justin are here from Wave.
They demonstrated the entry door system.
An estimate for wiring, keyless entry including garage door, cameras.
We will check over how much money it is required for a vote of the owners to pass.
Alin says we can probably afford the $75k package. will review reserve study to be sure.

Anthony will look in to a bid to repair all gutter drain scuppers.

In Meeting Minutes, 6:45-7, Dena mentions that "No homeowner in attendance." is incorrect as board members are homeowners. This will be ammended to "No homeowner beyond the board in attendance."
Dena motions that we approve the minutes, Galan seconds, all in favor, approved.

Alin says financials looks good. Reserve still looks good as we have not touched it.
We have a high cash balance in operating account. Devon with GFK will send information on this tomorrow.

Resolutions are signed by board members.

Scuppers replaced. Alin makes motion we go with view ridge proposal. Dena seconds, all in favor.

Storage units will be cleared out seattle rubbage removal. Anthony will remove storage from N108 N302 after giving the new owners first chance at it.

Tankless waterheaters are tabled.

May be able to get funds from probate.

Galan will still meet with Eastside A/V despite the favorable quote from Wave G and Grand Dunes.

Sprague plan changing, will now be full service. prices seem reasonable.

Reserve study looks good.

Tony will let Tim Blackwell know that he needs to accept the repair bid or present an alternative by wednesday.

Alin will research new washer dryer for manager unit.
Eric will look in to what, if any insurance is on the manager unit. Who would be responsible?

Eric will get momre info from david silver

Eric will draft an amendment to update the fine schedule.

eric will make sure letter for compliance with replacing water heater requires a photo of the plaque and a copy of their invoice including the installation address.

6 phones lines, only 3 accounted for. Century link will come out and determine what they are all for
Electricity. looks good.
Water is under budget
Sewer is almost double, needs to be investigated.
Garbage has increased but we have doubled our service.

David Silver’s office will be contacted regarding updating rules and regs

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