Board Meeting 2016 10

HOA Meeting Minutes October 19, 2016

Drew - New management rep

Homeowners forum

North elevator.
Circuit breaker was shorting out. It was replaced ~24hrs later.
Drew will contact schindler rep Andrew about the service we have received, what is covered under our contract, and if it would be worth it to perform any upgrades on the elevators.

No meeting minutes

Financial Report

Reserve is at a good level

Line 4009 will be combined to 6500

We are caught up on our general reserve payments

We will be sending out letters to owners outlining any deficiences in the plumbing of their unit. We will need to re-enter several units where water heaters are behind washer/dryer.

GFK will produce audit requested by mutual of omaha

We will be performing a new reserve study.

I will help anthony look for a single or dual camera dvr for each lobby
Drew will look into wiring quotes

We ill be putting in plants in courtyard
We will also be replacing light tabs on lights in garage.

We will replace the pressure accelerator valve for the fire suppression system and replace fire extinguishers.

We will look into bicycle racks for the storage rooms

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