Board Meeting 2 2015

Parc on Summit Association Board of Directors
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Capitol Hill Branch of Seattle Public Library, February 26th, 2015, 6:30 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Sarah Morgans, President; Mike Raschko, Vice-President; Allison Light, Secretary; Alin Sirbu, Treasurer

Guests in attendance: Steve Wilson; James Stevens

Call to Order — Sarah Morgans called the February Board Meeting to order at 6:35 pm on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 with a quorum of Sarah Morgans, Michael Raschko, Allison Light, and Alin Sirbu.
Open Forum
Steve Wilson — There are problems with the window installation including sloppy cuts made in the walls, black caulking used inside the window, and leaving a mess within the apartment. Steve will send a full report to the board.
James Stevens — There are issues with the building and water damage.
We are no longer tracking water heater date — we plan to remedy this when we move to the new property management company.
There is a discrepancy in the Declarations for Article 14 in the Table of Contents and the Body. James will follow up with Scott & Philips to identify the issues and come back with a proposal.
There are constantly water stains on the first floor of the south building. The residents need a better way of knowing the state of the building and when they should report these types of issues to Philips.
James sent Scott a big email about questions on how to separate common areas versus owner-owned areas. He has not heard a response yet but will follow up. Sarah moves that we change the policy such that Scott does not need to obtain more than one bid if it’s under $10,000 dollars. Mike seconded and the motin passess unanimously.
Ratification of January Regular Meeting Minutes — Alin moved to ratify the January Regular Meeting meetings, Mike seconded. Mike, Allison, and Alin were in favor, Sarah abstained. The motion passed.
Ratification of board decisions made over email — Mike moved to ratify all decisions made over email, as documented below in items a-k. Allison seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
1/13/15 SA collection: Sarah moved that we direct Scott to suspend the collection efforts undertaken against the owners of S202 but not waive the legal and late fees.
1/14/15 Interior choices: Jeremy moved that the board meet with Kilburn, and those present to decide which fixtures and finishes to go with.
1/14/15 Fire sprinkler air compressor: Sarah moved that we direct Scott Reardean to proceed with the purchase of a replacement air compressor for the fire sprinkler system at an estimated cost of $3,100.
1/17/15 Manager compensation: Jeremy moved that we formalize the on­site manager compensation numbers with Scott, so he's able to make an offer to a candidate of our choosing (no candidate specified by this motion)
1/20/15 Manager compensation: Jeremy moved that we formalize the following compensation numbers with Scott, so he's able to make an offer to a candidate of the board's choosing: up to $1800 a month for base pay (DOE) plus free lodging in the manager’s unit, valued at $1250. Additionally, there's a $30 telephone allowance, a $30 internet allowance, and a $40 cell phone allowance. Overtime will billed at $19.20/hr or counted toward PTO. No health benefits will be provided.
1/21/15 Water damage: Mike moved that we approve Scott to hire a water mitigation contractor to resolve the water damage matter.
1/23/15 Manager compensation: Jeremy moved that we update the offer to the on­site manager to be:
$3550/mo (~20.71/hr)
$22.78 for overtime (110%)
two weeks of paid vacation after 1 year
1/28/15 Manager compensation: Sarah moved that we increase our offer to Anthony by $300 per month.
2/7/15 Fire alarm: Jeremy moved that we submit the proceedings of the fire alarm event to our attorneys to document and find out if there's any legal action to take.
2/6/15 Accounts & funds: Sarah moved that we authorize Phillips Real Estate Services to immediately transfer $26,000 from the CAB Insurance Reserve account to our Operating account in order to correct the unbudgeted funding of the insurance reserve account, and that we instruct Phillips to immediately cease the monthly funding of this account as it was not budgeted for in the FY 2014 budget.
2/12/15 Paint bid: Sarah moved that we accept Anthony’s paint bid for the managers unit.
Old Business
Hard surface flooring guidelines — Mike moves to approve the Hard surface flooring guidelines previously drafted and reviewed with the board with a modification to the AAIC guidelines to go from the low level to the mid level for sound. Sarah seconded and the motion passeds unanimously.
New Business
How to proceed with unit keys — The board will wait to decide until we move to a new property management company.
Construction Committee Chair Report — not in attendance
Treasurer report
Alin prepared a packet for the board members to review.
We are on-track for collecting dues but over budget for maintenance costs. Sarah pointed out that we are under budget for the manager salary so the discrepancies are not huge.
We have not resolved the issue with Phillips helping with the cost of changing locks unnecessarily. We decided to focus our energy on finding a new property management company instead of pursuing this further.
Over-budget on legal fees (58400). This is the result of the special assessment, construction projects, and unforeseen issues with the property. Upon looking at the receipts, the majority of the budget issues is because of improper coding of the special assessment & construction fees out of the operating account instead of the SA account.
Over-budget by ~$1000 on Elevator maintenance and services (60350)
We are able to pay all invoices for CDK and fees out of pocket. In March we will likely start drawing on our loan. We believe we will be able to pay the smaller legal and architecture fees out of pocket and focus the loan account on paying CDK.
We are at a good state in our cash account but low on our checking account. We can remedy this issue once we re-route the legal fees to the proper account.
Allison moves that we accept the January treasurer report. Mike seconded and the motion passes unanimously.

Alin moves to move the foundation bank insurance reserve account funds to Community Association Banking insurance reserve and close Foundation Bank Insurance Reserve Account. Mike seconded. Three board members were in favor and one abstained — the motion passes.
Community Association Manager Report — not in attendance
Temporary Building Manager Report — not in attendance

The meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Next Meeting: March 19th

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