Board Meeting 12 2013

Parc on Summit – Board Meeting Minutes for December 17, 2013

Forest Rode – President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Marium Mohammed – Property Manager
David Swanson & Ellen Swanson – Resident Managers
Daniel Houser – Attorney

Joe Whiting - Member

The Board heard a presentation by attorney Daniel Houser and his colleague from the law firm Stein, Flanagan, Sudweeks, & Houser, PLLC about insurance coverage, and recent litigation affecting any potential major reconstruction projects in the future. (A May 2012 court case has increased the vulnerability of insurance companies to claims for wind driven rain damage.) The Board subsequently decided to have Steve Wilson consult with our regular law firm (Barker, Martin) about their views on this matter, especially as we are unaware of any such damage to Parc on Summit at the moment. Motion by Rode, Second by Gray, approved 3-0 (Wilson recusing).

The Board reviewed the monthly Resident Manager’s Report with the Property Manager and Resident Managers.

The Board approved the November Minutes. Motion by Rode, second by Gray, approved 3-0 (Wilson recusing).

Treasurer Ron Gray reported the November financial statements were not available for review, as they were delayed by corrections he had sought from Phillips Property Management on previous statements.

The rear deck project is complete, and the Association will be vigorously working to collect any unpaid special assessments.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 28 at 6:30 PM at the Capitol Hill Library

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