Board Meeting 12 2012

December 17, 2012

Parc On Summit Condominium Minutes - Board of Directors Meeting

Call to Order
Steve Wilson, Board Vice President, on behalf of absent President, Forrest Rode, called to order the Board of Directors meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium Association at 6:30PM on Monday, December 17, 2012 at the Capitol Hill Public Library - 425 E. Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

Steve Wilson - Vice President
Matt Ayer - Treasurer
Ellen Hutchinson – Secretary
Joe Whiting - Member at Large
Dave Swanson – Resident Manager
Suzanne Heidema - Property Manager
Michael Park - Owner

The November minutes were unanimously approved.

Financial Report
Suzanne Heidema reviewed that financials with $31,312.98 in reserves now, revenue and expenses in line with the budget.

Matt Ayer made a motion to authorize Leschi Property Management to pursue resolution of S-308 account. Joe Whiting seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Matt Ayer moved to write off a former, foreclosed homeowners Assessments Receivable of $4,440.91 as uncollectable due to prolonged unsuccessful efforts to collect and in lieu of legal costs if a lawsuit were pursued. Ellen Hutchinson seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Resident Manager Report
David and Ellen Swanson reported the following through email:
• We have had a couple of clogged drains. 2 in the front planters and all on the back deck. It has been the dirt, not leaves, clogging.
• Remove leaves from back deck weekly.
• First pressure washing done today.
• Had an emergency flood in No. bldg. Sunday 12-3. Had inspected N104 and N102 for possible leaks to no avail.
• Serviced all locks. Some were sticking.
• Serviced 2 exterior doors that were out of alignment. Latching and closing issues.
• Have taken a couple of loads of donation to Goodwill.
• Put some Christmas decorations on both front porches.
• Cleaned north end planters.
• Receiving above average number and size of packages for holidays.
• Managing site mobilization for elevator repairs. Progress is slow.
• Also, parking garage management to get vehicles/equipment in and out.

Leekman's Lawsuit Report
Steve Wilson reported that the attorney Barker Martin P.S. November bill for the Leekman's back property line dispute is now $22,911.00 due to extensive work, including managing depositions. They have agreed to allow the Parc to pay this bill through installments.

Matt Ayer moved to withdraw $10,000.00 from reserves to pay towards the bill and then plan to pay the rest through installments. Ellen Hutchinson seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Reserve Study
Suzanne Heidema reported that Mike Flemming has completed the Reserve Study, however she will have him adjust some portions to correspond to the new information within the Building Envelope Study which Ralph Allen has done. She will forward the updated Reserve Study to the Board and once reviewed it will be sent to all homeowners.

Steve Wilson reported that Leschi Property has tasked Robin Cole with mapping out the project timeline to provide a framework for completing all required obligations by October 2013.

Elevator Repair Status
Steve Wilson reported that currently there is no timeline for the north building elevator completion due to complications with debris caught in the jack casing. Once the debris is cleared they will resume installation.

Building Envelope Study
Ralph Allen has completed the Building Envelope Study, including repair recommendations. The study will be sent to owners in early January.

Property Management Company Search
The Property Management Company Request for Proposal will be sent to prospective companies the first week in January, with submissions due January 14th. The Board's goal is to review applications in January, interview in February, and then hopefully hire a new company in March.

Next Board Meetings
Tuesday, January 22nd
Tuesday, February 19th
Tuesday, March 19th

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