Board Meeting 12 2011

Board minutes 2011-12-06 (Approved 2012-01-26)

Forrest Rode, president
Steve Wilson, vice president
Matt Ayer, treasurer
Joe Whiting, member at large
Michael Park, secretary
Suzanne Heidema, property manager
Dave Swanson, resident manager

October Minutes
Steve moved to approve, all voted yea except Matt (arrived later).

Financial Report
Suzanne presented the financial report. Revenue is in line with budget, expenses are over budget primarily due to the installation of the camera system and the painting of elevator lobbies.

We're about due for a new reserve study. Hopefully we can do it in the spring.

NEEA Energy Survey
A non-profit called Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is looking for two or three volunteers to participate in an energy use survey involving a site visit. Michael will put a call for volunteers in the next newsletter.

The dishwasher in S301 (aka “the manager's unit”) needs replacement.

There was a question about a bill from Fischer Plumbing for some emergency work done on Thanksgiving. Suzanne is waiting for more information from Fischer.

Plumbing inspection letters are about to go out. People will have till the end of January to do required repairs. We will approach Sam about a bulk repair deal.

To ratify an earlier email decision, Forrest moved to approve paying a consultant $500 to do our FHA application. Steve seconded, the motion carried unanimously.
FHA approval has been obtained: Suzanne put in approximately 3 hrs, the consultant did the rest.

Steve's Report.
Brandon has still not provided a roof vent design. Steve and Brandon met with three contractors for deck winterization. Next Tuesday, Brandon, Rick, and the deck coating's manufacturer's rep will meet Tuesday 12/13 for a walk-around and to verify Rick's bid.

Homeowner Issues
Mr Oblock had questions regarding the rear deck repair with regard to security and timeline. Steve replied via email.

Follow-ups From Previous Meeting
Who drilled holes in bunkhouse door? Gary drilled the holes in order to mount signs and door hardware to match the other doors.
Dave did electrical work on the bunkhouse; installed new lights.
Video surveillance system: Jim of Budget Key will install signs on 12/19.
New computer: Suzanne to take resident manager's computer to get disk cloned.

Miscellaneous Items
Car belonging to a non-resident of the Parc will be gone from the garage.
Board members to knock on doors or make phone calls to get people to vote on the amendments to the declarations.
The move-in process was discussed. Suzanne, Dave, and Ellen will work up a new tenant handbook

The meeting went into executive session.

Next meetings:
January 1726
February Monday 1323
March tba

Michael Park

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