Board Meeting 12 2010

Parc On Summit Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
December 21, 2010

Present: Matt Ayer (Secretary), Suzanne Heidema (Property Manager), Michael Park (Treasurer), Forrest Rode (President), David Swanson (Resident Manager),
Joe Whiting (Board Member), Steve Wilson (Vice President)
Homeowners: Cara Chamberlin, Dan Jacobs

November Minutes approved with edits.

Homeowner issues:
• Two homeowners are concerned about paint damage to their cars due to water leaks in the garage. Joe and Michael will discuss with the affected owners, and we will repair after deck repairs complete.
• Window condensation continues to be a problem and board is planning to replace all windows.
• FHA certification for the building has been extended until July 31. The Property Manager will investigate the application process.
• Due to break-ins in the parking garage, David Swanson and Michael Park will get bids on a video surveillance system.

The Board reviewed finances which are in good shape, as expenses are in line with budget. Property Manager will pursue a judgment in Small Claims Court for a delinquent account receivable.

New business:
The Board will establish an orientation session directed toward familiarizing new members with the history of the Parc and summarizing status of ongoing projects, to be held in the fall after the annual meeting. An orientation for current members will be held in early 2011. Board Members will be encouraged to attend CAI (Community Associations Institute) training.

Resident and Property Managers will explore the costs of occupancy sensors in the storage rooms to limit electrical consumption.

Old Business:
• Garage door repair completed at less cost than originally estimated.
• Elevator Repairs. Property Manager to contact Manager at Schindler Elevator for follow- up.
• Installation of additional water shutoffs. Board to make a selection after a third bid is obtained.
• The third bidder also has the capability to send a camera down the pipes to inspect and determine where jetting will do the most good. Once he submits his numbers, we can look into this possibility more closely.
• Garage Insulation will be replaced after deck repairs are complete. Until then, Michael will organize patching as necessary.
• David to investigate latch covers for enhanced front door security.
• North Roof Bunkhouse repairs are very near completion: about 8 hours of work left, and then final inspection by the architect will be done. (We have no additional costs for this activity, as this is “punch list” work by the contractor.)
• Planter removal phase of deck repairs nearing completion. Rick Cramer (contractor) removed final bits of concrete. Brandon (architect) is a week late in visiting the site with a manufacturer's rep. Steve directed Rick to use torchdown to patch areas that he (Rick) tore up.
• Approximately 20 plumbing inspections remain to be completed.
• Updated governing documents will be presented at the next Annual Meeting. Initial draft expected to be available in mid-February.

Next Meeting: January 26 6:30 PM at the Library

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