Board Meeting 12 2007


Minutes from the Board Meeting of December 6, 2007

Scott Clawson, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Secretary
Forrest Rode, Treasurer
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

Approved Minutes from the October 18, 2007 meeting.

Treasurer Forrest Rode and Property Manager Suzanne Heidema reviewed Association finances for the Board.

The Board authorized a contract with David Otto for $2058.21 to repair some siding on the south building rooftop.

Steve Wilson updated the Board on the Planter Litigation status. (Our attorney has the lawsuit proceeds in his Trust Account, but has been unable to disburse funds due to one defense attorney failing to forward one last document/signature to settle the case.)

The Board authorized two contracts for rear planter removal. $7187.40 to MAD Concrete Cutting to cut up the planters. Also, $6926.04 to P&D Contractors to excavate dirt from the rear and front planters; dispose of the earth and concrete by moving to the adjacent property; and affix temporary patches to the deck topcoat where planter removal left the PTS (slab) unprotected.
NOTE: A satisfactory contract could not be negotiated with MAD Concrete Cutting, and the work was subsequently done by National Concrete Cutting for $5229.38 (a better price).

The Board authorized a $1000 Christmas bonus, and $250 wedding present for the Resident Managers.

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