Board Meeting 12 2005

Meeting Minutes 12.28.2005

1. Brett is no longer our property manager at Kappes Miller.
2. Erik Dietz is our new property manager at Kappes Miller. His number is 425-646-2776 x208.
3. Fire inspections have been tentatively delayed while the new planter leaks are addressed. The inspections will take place within the next 60 days to keep in compliance with local laws.
4. We recently had an access problem in the garage on Christmas Eve. Davis Door was called and they told us someone’s garage door opener was stuck in the “on” position. Please pay special attention that the garage door closes properly and your opener doesn’t get stuck. If your opener isn’t working properly please contact Dave for a free replacement.
5. The board is following up on emergency plans to ensure there is someone available when Dave goes away on vacation.
6. The board has received a few proposals from other management companies and will continue to pursue alternative options for property management.
7. TJV, ERD and USA Roofing were supposed to meet with David and our independent engineer on the 22nd of Dec. TJV, ERD and USA Roofing did not show up, however, David and our engineer reviewed the planter box problems.
8. Our attorney is out until Friday the 30th of Dec. He will continue pursuing legal remedies regarding the planter box problems at that time.

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