Board Meeting 11 2014

Parc on Summit Association Board of Directors
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Capitol Hill Branch of Seattle Public Library, November 17, 2014, 6:00 p.m.


Board members in attendance: Sarah Morgans, president; Michael Raschko, vice president; Allison Light, secretary; Alin Sirbu, treasurer

Board member not in attendance: Jeremy LaCivita, member-at-large

Guests in attendance: Melissa Musser, for Scott Reardean, community association manager, Sarah Perez, new owner of N301; Michael Park, owner of N501

Call to Order
Sarah Morgans called the November Board Meeting to order at 6:05 pm on Monday, November 17, 2014 with a quorum of Sarah Morgans, Mike Raschko, Allison Light, and Melissa Musser.

Open Forum
Sarah Perez voiced her concern over the intercom system which only accepts local numbers. She would like to know if the board would consider modernizing the system or had previously considered this in the past. The board had previously not discussed this issue but would like to learn more about the cost of updating the system. Scott will check the existing phone provider to see if a work around exists and what options are available.

Ratification of October Regular Meeting Minutes
Mike moved to ratify the October Regular Meeting meetings, Sarah seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

Ratification of November 10 Special Meeting Minutes
Mike moved to ratify the November 10 Special Meeting meetings, Sarah seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

Ratification of board decisions made over email
11/12/14 Bankers boxes: Mike Raschko made arrangements for the Association’s 30 boxes of records to be delivered to the building for a delivery fee of $100
Mike moved to ratify the 11/12/14 Bankers boxes motion, Alin seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

Old Business
Board Resolution on collections policy—update on revisions
Sarah moved to ratify the board resolution to adopt the collections policy drafted by the Association’s collections attorney in October without the revisions that the board had approved at the October meeting, and to direct her and Allison to sign the documents, Mike seconded. The motion passes unanimously.
Water leak repairs
The board has not received updates on S105 matter since the last meeting. Scott will email the board in the morning with more specific details about the status, scope, and cost of the work.

For the S201 unit, Melissa did not have an update but will follow up with Scott and direct him to update the board with the latest.
Return of unit keys to owners
The board would like Philips to continue to hold the keys until we have a permanent building manager to handle the key situation. Melissa expressed concerns over the owners’ requests for keys to let the construction workers into their units. Both the board and Melissa agree that the keys should not be used for this purpose.

Melissa also recommends that David draft up a policy regarding the keys. One is already in place, but it should be reviewed to ensure it effectively protects the building manager and HOA board.
Permanent Building Manager job search
The board needs to review the financials before they decide on whether they advertise for an on-site or off-site manager. While there are overages in repairs and maintenance, the employee wage cost is under budget. We feel on track on our budget.

Mike moves to offer the building manager position as a full-time position. Alin seconded and the motion passes unanimously. Allison amends the motion to include that the position will be offered as an on-site position, but will make exceptions depending on the applications received. Mike seconded and the amendment passes unanimously.

Next steps are to formulate and provide Philips with the ideal the job description and posting who will then work with the board to find and interview candidates. Sarah will take the edits from the special meeting and provide it to Scott and Melissa to create a posting.
AIIC measurement standards for hardwood flooring
Mike recommends to go with the average measurement standards where as Sarah recommended the minimum due to the age of the building. The board feels that there should be a minimum requirement so that the rules can be applied.

Sarah motions that we redraft the hardwood flooring policy adding the minimum HUD grade as a requirement for wood floors. If the flooring does not meet the minimum grade, there will be an addendum added to the resale certificate and the owner will be responsible for costs of remediation for noise violation issues. Mike seconded and the favor passes unanimously. Mike will draft the policy and share it with the board for review.

New Business
Suspension of graffiti removal contract—full board email participation not achieved
Mike moves that we reject the suspension until we have a permanent building manager who regularly walks the building. All board members are in agreement.
Meeting location
Seattle U will not be a good location for meeting. One option would be meeting at Philips headquarters after hours. Melissa will check with the building if it is possible to hold a meeting and if there are other locations around the city we could use. If we are unable to find a location, the next meeting will be in Mike’s unit.

Construction Committee Chair Report — Skipped; Jeremy was not in attendance
The construction report will go out weekly instead of monthly so that communication can go out regularly. Mike will work with Jeremy to get this started.
Treasurer Report
Financials were received this morning. Some units are behind on their special assessment payments. Melissa will run ledgers on units with charges and personally reach out to those units that have missing payments to explain the gravity of the situation.

Alin will look further into the financials from both Philips and the Construction project and will report out to the board.
Community Association Manager Report
All items of report have been previously discussed or will be discussed in the executive session.
Temporary Building Manager Report
Maggie was not in attendance but sent notes via Melissa. She suggested putting a padlock on the garbage doors to prevent trash and items not meant for the garbage cans could not be placed in the dumpster areas. Mike will follow up with Jeremy

Maggie needs a complete list of registered owners for North and South buildings because the call boxes are full and she does not know which numbers are appropriate to delete.

All storage keys have been made, anyone who needs a key can contact Maggie directly.

Maggie suggested to remind residents that the door reacts slowly. Be cautious when driving in and out to prevent the door closing on the vehicle or letting non-residents into the building.

At 7:22 pm the board adjourned to executive session.

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm.

Next Meeting: TBD

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