Board Meeting 11 2010

Parc on Summit Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
November 29, 2010 6:30PM

Matt Ayer, Michael Park, Forrest Rode, Joe Whiting, Steve Wilson
Guests: Brent Parr, Homeowner

The motion passed to approve the minutes from the October meeting as amended (incorporating cosmetic revisions).

The board moved that the current request to waive the pet fee should not be honored. General maintenance issues may supersede pet-related repairs but the fee is an important means for funding carpet cleaning, wall repainting, etc.

Financial Report
Three delinquent receivable accounts were reviewed. Due to collection of late charges and other fees, budget position is currently ahead of projections.

Repair Updates
Garage Door: first item (track and motor repair) scheduled.
Elevator: South tower new jack should be covered under warranty. There was a discussion of future elevator upgrades.
Rear planter plants will not be transplanted.
Intercom plastic has been replaced.
Tree trimming is complete.
A third bid for the water valve shutoff job will be requested.
Unit plumbing inspections not yet completed.

N Building Roof Repair
Contractor and architect communicating about specific requirements but work is ongoing; weather permitting, work should be completed next week sometime.

Homeowner Issues
A homeowner expressed concerns about: cleaning carpets on 1st floor in the North Building; possibly replacing mats near entrances; damage to door closer arm at main entrance; exposed wiring on light fixture at front entry; labeling on elevator fire panel in north elevator; and several burnt out light bulbs. Resident manager will be asked to correct these items.

Water Damage
A building leak has resulted in the need for new floors in a ground floor unit, and they have requested reimbursement, and it is unlikely that the offending party's insurance will cover it. The motion passed to have our attorneys review our governing documents and recommend opportunities for tightening up gaps in written policies.

The board reviewed the Manager's Report.

Deck repair is under way. Neighboring construction site has requested to rent rear deck space as well as parking spaces; we are investigating spatial, financial, and security implications for negotiating purposes.

Next meeting is 12/21.

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