Board Meeting 10 2011

Board Meeting 2011-10-18
(approved 2011-12-06)

Forrest Rode, president
Steve Wilson, vice president
Michael Park, secretary
David Swanson, resident manager
Suzanne Heidema, property manager

September minutes approved by all board members in attendance.


Revenues are in line with budget. Expenses are in excess of budget but much of the excess is a matter of timing (for example, $4,000 for toilets which will be collected from homeowners).

Old Business

The video system is up and running; David is to receive training this week. Jim Loria will provide us two or three signs. David reports that Jim went beyond the original contract and wired the two HD cameras to the internet for us.

The new south railing is sitting at manufacturer ready to be installed. The walkway won't be done until the sidewalk is done which will be the end of the project next door.

There was an issue with Brandon's credentials. Apparently his renewal application was lost in the mail. He has applied online and should be renewed any day now. Meanwhile, he has a letter from the State indicating that he is allowed to conduct business.

Rear deck

There continues to be a sticking point with the neighbors concerning the trees. An arborist was out on Monday and should have a report out by the end of the week.

Roof vent design. Suzanne will follow up with Brandon.

New Business

Dryer vent cleaning. It's been two years. Suzanne will schedule with VentMaster.

Canopy installed on bunkhouse. Dave has to do electrical and fire extinguisher. It is unclear why Gary Gilligan (bunkhouse contractor) drilled holes in the door. LPM to investigate.

Dave to archive his computer. Dave and Suzanne will work on getting him a new computer.

Executive Session

Next meeting: December 6. (11/1 meeting canceled.)

Michael Park

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