Board Meeting 10 2010

Parc on Summit Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
October 18, 2010 6:30PM

Present: Matt Ayer, Steve Heidema, Michael Park, Forrest Rode, Joe Whiting
Staff: Suzanne Heidema
Homeowner: Petra Tierney

Minutes from the September 28, 2010 meetings were approved.

Homeowner Issues
A few residents’ cars have water damage from cracks and leaky pipe joints in the garage roof. The problem should be addressed in the deck repair, but we will bring it to the attention of the architect and investigate a solution.

Front door would be a possible location for another door plate, but the actual security risk may not justify the same type of full plate that the North door received. David will consult Budget Key for solutions.

Board will investigate a covered, secured bike rack in the back or on the deck. Bikes should be removed from current location.

The garage door is ready for a tuneup. David will get an estimate on an overhaul.

There has been another intruder behind the building; David and a homeowner asked him to leave, and he did.

David will stock replacement locks. After two lockout incidents, the lock will be replaced at cost to owner.

Residents need to be reminded to park carefully, centering vehicles in stalls. Michael will include a reminder in newsletter.

An owner has painted over his door and sprinklers; Suzanne will send him a memo about correcting this and removing the paint.

Suzanne and Steve will follow up with Fire Department regarding sprinkler inspection.

Pressurewashing to commence on entrances and stairs.

Immobile, unregistered vehicles parked in garage will be given notice.

Financial Report
Some old dues came in, so revenue is slightly ahead of budget. Majority of outstanding dues are by a single owner; we are investigating collection options. The owner with the second-largest debt has proposed a plan for repayment.

Community Outreach
Send newsletter items to Michael. The board recognized Michael for his timely and consistent updates.

Residents have offered to volunteer on projects. Michael will solicit volunteers and comments through newsletter. For garage roof taping project, HOA will provide dust masks, gloves, and stepladders as well as material removal.

Deck Project
Board to arrange a special Executive Session with architect to discuss step-by-step breakout of project. Neighbor Leckman’s attorney continues to not respond to our inquiries.

Owner Information
Suzanne will distribute owner contact info to David & Michael. Michael will remind residents to update emergency contact.

Tree Trimming
Landscaper will trim trees on North strip for approx $60/tree. Magnolias need so much cutting that they may not survive. Palm is currently at risk for overshading. Neighbors are permitted to come and remove the shrubs out back.

Valve Shutoff Installation estimate is not complete but may be in the neighborhood of $4600. Suzanne will obtain extra bids.

Unit Inspection is under way; most units are done.

North Building Roof Repair
Architect has inspected and there are a few more things to go. David is working on quotes to finish the job including awnings.

Adjourned - Next meeting Executive Session Tuesday, October 26, 6:30PM at Forrest Rode's place.

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