Board Meeting 10 2008

Parc On Summit Condominium
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 23, 2008, 6:30PM Starbucks @ Olive/Summit

I. Call To Order
a. Board of Directors Meeting called to order of the Parc On Summit Condominium at 6:30PM on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at Starbucks on Olive/Summit.
II. Roll call
Present were:
Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Renee Fentress, Secretary
Pete Segall, Treasurer
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
Dave Swanson, Homeowner/Res. Manager
Dan Jacobs, Homeowner
Michael Park, Homeowner

III. Approval of minutes from September 24, 2008 meeting
a. Board members approved the 9-24-2008 meeting minutes, which were reviewed and approved prior to the board meeting via email. This was officially documented at today’s board meeting.

IV. Agenda/Discussion
a. Homeowner Issues.
i. Notice of Board Meetings. A homeowner requested more ample notice of board meetings so that homeowners can work the meeting into their schedule. The Board concurred. Renee will post meeting dates at least 1 week in advance in the elevators, and immediately on the website community calendar, as well as in the upcoming e-newsletter following each board meeting.
ii. Silverfish. A homeowner brought up a potential silverfish problem.
1. Action Item: Suzanne will follow up with Ellen on 10/24 to find out when the building’s next Terminix visit will be and have them investigate the silverfish issue at that time. Suzanne will follow up with the homeowners with date/time of visit.
iii. Update on Deck Repairs. A homeowner wanted an update on the deck repairs. The issue was on the agenda and was addressed at that time.
iv. Potential Conflict of Interest. A homeowner was concerned about a potential conflict of interest with the Vice President of the Board being co-owner of our Property Management Company (Leschi Property Management LLC), with a sizeable interest in the building as he and his wife own four units. (The Vice President is also married to the other co-owner.) It was noted that many homeowners own more than one unit in the building, including two of the homeowners present. It was pointed out that the large investment provides a strong incentive to see the property does well. It was also pointed out that the Vice President recuses himself from votes with a clear conflict of interest, such as annual renewal or selection of the Property Manager, which is common business practice. It was agreed that hypothetical conflicts could arise, but none exist at present. It was recommended to the homeowner that if some other circumstance arose which he felt was troublesome, that he present the facts and circumstances to the Board, and a legal opinion would be obtained from the association’s attorney.
v. Potential Mold.A homeowner was concerned about a potential mold issue, not within a living space. It was noted that in the rainy Northwest, there is a natural occurrence of mold and spores. Spores are routinely found within living spaces, and it is not uncommon to find traces of mold within walls. There are no state or federal standards which dictate remediation. If mold is detected within a living space, it should promptly be cleaned up with bleached water. If it returns, the Board of Directors and Property Manager should be promptly informed so it can be investigated. The Board noted the new siding project on the first floor level, which will accompany the deck repair in the spring, will provide an opportunity to investigate the homeowner’s concerns about potential mold within walls.
vi. On-site Mgr/Prop Mgmt Meetings. A homeowner queried about communications between the Property Manager and the Resident Manager, and whether those meetings were in person. It was explained that they are in frequent telephone and e-mail contact, almost daily. It was noted that in the past, the Resident Manager also reported to the Board. The Board thought this was a great idea. We will work with the Resident Manager to develop a regularly scheduled report.
1. Action Item. Forrest will work with Dave/Ellen on a bi-monthly Manager’s Report.
b. Financial Report for September 2008 – Presented by Suzanne Heidema.
It was noted that (2) units are substantially delinquent (more than 90 days) in homeowner dues, and have not responded to requests for written payment plans. There was discussion of filing liens, but the Board opted to have one last notice sent requesting payment, or a written payment plan, and pointing out all the remedies available to the Board to effect collection, including electricity shutoff.

c. Old Business
i. Status of bulk water heater replacements by Benla – Presented bySuzanne Heidema. 8 people signed up for Benla water heater replacement. 12 units have yet to comply with furnishing hot water tank information. A warning will be issued that water heaters must be under warranty by November 15, or the Board has the authority to make the replacement and charge the homeowners.
ii. Status of sewer assessments by City of Seattle – Presented by Suzanne Heidema. The Board pushed back on paying 100% of the sewer capacity charges that went uncollected from King County for 15+ years. Our attorney reached an agreement with the county to pay 75% of the overall charges, over a period of 15 years, at the old cheaper 1990 rates, without penalty or interest. (This will result in a charge of approximately $4.40 per month per unit, and will first be apparent in next year’s budget.)
iii. Status of deck repair bids – Presented by Steve Wilson.
1. Temporary.Three bids were reviewed by the Board members. They selected Academy Roofing who, weather permitting, will be making the temporary repair October 29-30th. Notices will be posted to remain off the deck area while repairs are being made.
2. Permanent. We are still seeking bids on the permanent deck project, for the consulting work. We should have five bid proposals to review at the next board meeting, one of which is an architect who is also bidding a Reserve Study.
a. Action Item – Steve will procure bids and present to the board via email as he receives them.
iv. Website – Presented by Renee Fentress. Invitations went out and 23 members aside from the board are on the website. Now we have to get people using it! Renee proposed an e-newsletter that highlights information that can be found in detail on the website.
1. Action Item – Renee will send an e-newsletter promoting the website and Board news. Renee will also contact Joe Stump to see if can redirect to
v. Reserve Study – Presented by Suzanne Heidema. Suzanne has two bids and is waiting on the architect to also submit his bid on the Reserve Study.
vi. Update on Food/Yard waste Program– Presented by Renee Fentress. The program is bi-weekly and costs $5.35 for a 96-gallon wheeled receptacle. Odor is a concern and usage is a concern (will people take the time to walk their waste to the receptacle in the garage?). We decided to test the program for a few months, as long as there is no start up fee.
vii. Update on Reserve Fund Transfer of CD Rates – Presented by Pete Segall & Suzanne Heidema. Suzanne confirmed that the reserves were broken up into four CDs. $50,000 at Sallie Mae @ 2.85% maturing 4/1/2009; $50,000 at Comerica Bank @ 2.85% maturing 4/1/2009; $50,000 at Colonial Bank @ 3.6% maturing 10/2/2009; and $50,000 at Sallie Mae @ 3.95% maturing 4/1/2010. This was done to increase our yield on the reserve funds and to break up the funds as they exceeded the $100K FDIC insured limit.
viii. Status on water damage claims stemming from the leaky planters and drains – Executive session. – Presented by Steve Wilson. We have two unresolved damage claims, and have offered settlements to each. (In one case we scheduled an arbitration to try and gain resolution, but the homeowner withdrew shortly before the hearing date.) We have consulted with our attorney on each, and are following his advice.
ix. Status on potential cracked Sewer Pipe – Presented by Steve Wilson. Always Plumbing has not scheduled camera as requested.
1. Action Item Steve to get pipe visually inspected, get leak spot marked if it exists, and determine if the underground cracked pipe is within the condo’s responsibility or the city’s.
d. New Business.
i. Summary of CA Day Conference – Presented by Steve Wilson, Suzanne Heidema, Joe Whiting and Renee Fentress. Suzanne and Steve commented on new information they had obtained on Reserve Studies. Joe and Renee (Whom attended at Association expense) reported back on a seminar called “The One Hour Board Meeting” with ideas to improve communication with Homeowners at the Board meetings. Homeowners will be able to formally submit an “issue form”, which they can choose to present themselves during the first 15 minutes of the next board meeting, or have the Board discuss the issue without the homeowner’s presence. Action Items were also noted and will be added to the minutes without due dates. Open meeting locations were discussed (library or Seattle Police department), and the Board decided to remain at Starbucks until there is a need for a bigger space.
1. Action Item – Renee will provide Suzanne a list of Old Business and Action Items to add to the next meeting’s agenda.
2. Action Item – Renee will create an issue form for the website and mailrooms.
ii. Audit Status – Presented by Suzanne Heidema. Annual audit is underway. By law an audit of the books is done for any building with more than 50 units.
iii. Leschi Property Management Cost of Living Increase. Property Management requested a $100/month increase going from $1,500/month to $1,600/month, due to increased costs. The contract with Leschi Property Management LLC expires October 31. Suzanne will e-mail the contract & increase proposal to the Board for a formal vote.
iv. Set November board meeting date. Due to schedule conflicts, the first available date will be in December. The next board meeting is scheduled for December 2, 2008 at 6:30PM at Starbucks on Olive/Summit.
e. Adjournment
i. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

Minutes submitted by: Renee Fentress Date Submitted: October 25, 2008,1:50AM

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