Board Meeting 1 2015

Parc on Summit Association Board of Directors
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Capitol Hill Branch of Seattle Public Library, January 8th, 2015, 6:30 p.m.


Board members in attendance: Michael Raschko, vice president; Allison Light, secretary; Alin Sirbu, treasurer; Jeremy LaCivita, Member at large

Board member not in attendance: Sarah Morans, president

Guests in attendance: Matt Ayer, N308 owner, James Stevens S101, Galan Potter S504

Call to Order
Mike Raschko called the January Board Meeting to order at 6:34 pm on Thursday, January 9th, 2015 with a quorum of Michael Raschko, Allison Light, Alin Sirbu, Jeremy LaCivita

Open Forum
James Stevens voiced his concerns about the lack of communication in dealing with the flooding of his unit. The board recommended that he start his questions with Scott Reardean and cc the board if he needs further assistance. James also passed along feedback that we need a manager with keys in order to deal with emergency situations. Mike will call Scott tomorrow and will follow up with James.
Galan Potter managed to burn out main breaker and while the response was handled in a few hours, would like to see an on-site manager to deal with such issues. He also expressed concerns about how there was no knowledge of where the main breakers actually are.
Galan Potter would also like the board to consider adding Condo internet to the apartment complex. It is a local company and faster/cheaper than the main, chain competition. This would potentially increase the value of the building. Jeremy will follow up with this and figure out logistics of what making our building support Condo at Parc.
Galan Potter would also like guidance on installing hard flooring in his unit. Since the new standards aren’t finalizing, Galan can follow the old standards and contact Phillips.
Matt Ayer gave feedback that email updates about Parc events — such as board meetings — would be helpful in communicating to offsite owners.
Galan Potter mentioned that he would like a retyping of the callbox names. All agree that we should instead replace these with updated callboxes that support non-local numbers.

Ratification of November Regular Meeting Minutes
Mike moved to ratify the November Regular Meeting meetings, Jeremy seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

Ratification of board decisions made over email
11/21/14: Sarah motioned to direct Scott to deduct the cost of the closet door damage and missing doorknobs from the S301 deposit and proceed with having the unit painted and carpets cleaned.
Mike moved to ratify the 11/21/14 decision, Jeremy seconded. The motion passes unanimously
12/3/14: Sarah motioned that we accept David Bach’s recommendation to approve the change order in the amount of $21,375 to allow the contractor to proceed with adding thru-wall flashing around the exterior of the building perimeters at the floor lines on the first through fourth floors.
Mike moved to ratify the 11/21/14 decision, Jeremy seconded. The motion passes unanimously

Old Business — None

New Business
N506 has ceiling water stains from external leaks and would like the association to pay the cost of patching the stains.
Mike motioned that the association pay the cost of patching the stains after the roof is finished. Jeremy seconded, the motion passes unanimously.

Construction Committee Chair Report - no updates
Treasurer Report — no updates still working with Philips to clarify and correct numbers
Community Association Manager Report — Scott not in attendance
Temporary Building Manager Report — Maggie not in attendance

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm to executive session. The executive session and meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Next Meeting: February 26th, 2015

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