Board Meeting 09 2013

Parc on Summit
Minutes of September 10, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

Forrest Rode – President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Joe Whiting – Member at Large
Marium Mohammad – Property Manager
David Swanson (in part) – Resident Manager

Resident Manager Report: Discussion of shower valve problem in S-503, issue in S-403, and S-105: repairs now all complete.
Resident Manager has explored solutions for light infiltration in Ellen Hutchinson’s unit and recommends that she install “blackout” curtains.
Annual deck inspection to maintain warranty has been completed: Property Manager will pursue documentation for the file.
Gutter outside Michael Park’s studio unit needs attention: Property Manager and Resident Manager will pursue repair.

Minutes Approved – Motion by Ayer, seconded by Gray, approved 5 – 0 for approval of the August 2013 Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Ron Gray reviewed the Association finances with the Board. He is verifying closure of the Bank of America account, and updating the Foundation Bank account. He is shopping banks to find us the highest return on our deposits. He is reviewing the financial data for the first 9 months of our fiscal year (old Property Manager), and the final 3 months of the fiscal year (new Property Manager) to ensure there were no mistakes in transition for the year end audit, and in the event we will be submitting financial statements for a loan.

Rear Deck Waterproofing – Forrest Rode will contact Architect Ralph Allen to find out his progress in soliciting bids to complete the project.

Special Assessment – Discussion with the Property Manager about issuing notices for the upcoming October 15 meeting about the $76,000 special assessment.

Parking Stall for Rent – The Board directed the Property Manager to issue and post notices about the association parking stall for rent. Terms are $25 daily or $100 monthly on a 6-month lease. Daily renters may contact Resident Manager David Swanson for approval, and the rent will be charged to the homeowner’s account, to simplify bookkeeping and handling of funds.

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 22 at 6:30 PM Capital Hill Library (Harvard Avenue)

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