Board Meeting 09 2011

Parc on Summit Board Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2011

Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Matt Ayer, Treasurer
Michael Park, Secretary
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
David Swanson, Resident Manager
Joe Whiting, Member at Large, attended via telephone.
Homeowner Nancy Wrather attended the first part of the meeting

Forrest moved to approved June minutes, Steve seconded; motion carried

Homeowner Issues

Nancy wanted the latest audit reports. Suzanne informed her that the
2010 audit report is in draft form, awaiting Suzanne's review. Nancy
requested a copy. Suzanne will send her one, probably at the end of

Nancy had a complaint about the garage insulation hanging low.
Removing the insulation is on Dave's to-do list, but replacement of
the insulation will have to wait until the rear deck repairs are done.

Nancy thought that the special assessment estimate of $10-15k/unit
seems excessive. Suzanne will send pdf of reserve study to Nancy.

Cracked tile in N307: after toilet replacement, bathroom floor
cracked. Dave determined that the tile had been installed poorly by
the previous owner.

Financial Report

Operations-wise we are in good shape, controlling costs and staying
within budget. Collections are in good shape as well. The problem is
reserves: because historically people don't want to fund reserves, we
have to have a special assessment now which will
include roof, siding, windows, hallways, carpeting, doors, lights,

New Business

Steve finally got agreements with two adjacent owners. Forrest signed
papers authorizing workers to install pavers on 1619 Summit.

Steve wanted to hire a surveyor (cost: $2-3K).
Matt so moved, Steve seconded, all were in favor.

As for continuing to use Benito's crew in preference to Rick's for
winterizing the slab, Forrest suggests that Suzanne and David discuss
and we move forward with Benito unless there are big problems. Matt
would like a pros/cons list with respect to using Rick vs Benito.

Currently: 1/3 of the exterior waterproofing is done.

Masha Tsiklauri (N402) emailed Suzanne today copies of leases for her
new tenants.

Old Business

Forrest moved to ratify email approval of south railing (total cost: 4,167). Steve
seconded, all were in favor.

Proposed video system

Michael demonstrated the video quality we could expect from the system
proposed by Jim Loria.

Forrest moved to go accept Jim's bid (total cost: $6,110), Steve seconded. Michael and Joe voted yes; Matt abstained.

Matt moved to ratify the decision to paint bunkhouse and elevator
lobbies; Steve seconded. Ayes all around.

50 toilets were replaced. The project went over budget by about $200
because of design problems in the bldg. The HOA will cover the
difference. During the process, several toilets were found to be
running. We are expecting our water bill to go down, which will be
especially helpful since water prices are going up 12% starting in

The amendment to our declaration has had a 38.5% return. We need to
double that. Steve and Michael (and anyone else willing) will have to
go door to door later in the year.

Action items

Manager's report

Dave discussed his report (which he also emailed to the board). One
disturbing item: Roaches have been found in 5th floor lights. Brandon
owes us a vent design for the roof. This is to be done by 10/31.

(Minutes approved 2011/10/18.)

Michael Park

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