Board Meeting 09 2010

Parc on Summit Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
September 28, 2010 6:30PM

Present: Matt Ayer, Steve Wilson, Michael Park, Forrest Rode, Joe Whiting
Staff: Suzanne Heidema
Guest: Brandon Hamilton

Draft minutes from the last meeting will be resubmitted to “moc.timmusnocrap|draob#moc.timmusnocrap|draob” for email approval vote

Homeowner Issues
Michael received a phone call from an owner who wants to replace her windows. Owners are permitted to
replace the panes but not the frames. We are already looking at replacing all the windows in the next year or so.

Financial Report
~$15K+ in checking account. Reserves are current. $325K in replacement reserves. Receivables of approx $6K are made up primarily of one owner who is looking at filing for bankruptcy. We will continue to bill.
A second homeowner is asking to set up a payment plan but will instead be encouraged to pay as much as possible; in a month we will re-evaluate.
June payroll expenses paid in July will be accrued to June, in the correct fiscal year.
Curbs have been repainted

Sprinkler Inspection
The sprinklers looked very good, and in the common areas, two need to be replaced and one cleared. Western States will work with the fire department to revise SFD’s previous evaluation.

Roof Repair
Due to David's contractor insurance, he cannot do work outside on the roof and bunkhouse, and we must continue to support the current contractor as the project cost grows. The project is expected to reach conclusion soon.
Residents need to be discouraged from climbing atop bunkhouses, at first by signs and possibly, if signs prove ineffectual, by fine (which could also cover the cost of a reward to the whistleblower).
New grills will be considered for purchase when the deck repair is completed.

Deck Repair
Brandon reported that the unrealistic conditions mandated by the owners of the adjacent property seem to be designed to maximize the possibilities of our failure, resulting in the probability of financial benefit to the Leckmans. HOA not willing or able to wait three or four years until condemnation lawsuit comes to fruition.
Brandon will create a plan to get us through the winter, as well as begin work on the South half of the project.

Board to review Reserve Study

Email & Website Update
Board members can use “moc.timmusnocrap|draob#moc.timmusnocrap|draob” to reach each other. Residents should
use “moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap#moc.timmusnocrap|timmusnocrap” to contact the board.

Inspections are still not completed and Resident Manager will be asked for a schedule of estimated completion.

Resident Manager's Report
Roof door and bunkhouses to be painted, Brandon to look into paint
Suzanne to follow up on water pipe sectioning and look into cutting back trees on North side of building

Adjourned 7:50PM

Next meeting October 18, 6:30PM at library

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