Board Meeting 09 2009

Parc On Summit Condominium Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 24, 6:30PM, N502 Parc On Summit

I. Call To Order
a. Forrest Rode called to order the Board meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium at 6:30PM on Thursday, September 24, 2009 in unit N502 @ the Parc on Summit.

II. Roll call
a. Forrest Rode conducted a roll call.

Present were:
Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Pete Segall, Treasurer
Renee Fentress, Secretary
Dave Swanson, Resident Managers
Cara Chamberlin, Homeowner
Dan Jacobs, Homeowner
Michael Park, Homeowner
Brent Parr, Homeowner
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

III. Approval of minutes from June 24, 2009
a. Board members approved the June meeting minutes, which were reviewed at the meeting.
b. Renee to distribute August meeting minutes to be reviewed/approved.

IV. Agenda/Discussion
a. Homeowner issues
i. Email attachments discussed by Michael Park. Requested that attachments for small notices just be sent as text in the body of the email (i.e., notice for meeting).
1. Renee will send emails formatted for the body of the email versus attachments.
ii. Storage boxes - there have been complaints of storage boxes in parking spaces
1. These are Jack Spence’s and have been removed. Issue resolved.
iii. Elevator repair questions: North Elevator – reports of the North elevator occasionally “acting funny”. South Elevator – discussed repair status.
1. Action Item: Dave will work with elevator repairmen to look at the North Building elevator when they come out next. South elevator repair – nothing new since the last email that was sent to residents. (The elevator jack will be shipped on October 1st).

b. Financial Report for August 2009 and Reserve Funds – Presented by Suzanne Heidema
i. Suzanne reviewed the financial statements for August 2009.
ii. There were 8 homeowners delinquent on assessments, 2 over 90 days, and 4 who subsequently paid in September. See Financial Statements for details.
iii. We are $736.92 over budget on Water, which prompted discussion once again of inspection of units for plumbing and appliance issues.
1. Dave drafted a checklist of items to check for during the inspection.
2. A question about privacy was raised; however in the CC&Rs it states that the owners must keep their units in working order. Neglecting water issues can have dire ramifications (flooding from one unit to another) as we have seen with the water heaters. The board voted on and enacted an inspection of all units. The Resident Manager will conduct the inspections, or verify homeowners have had them conducted by appropriate personnel (licensed contractors).
a. Action Item – the board will look into rebates/incentives for group repairs if needed.
iv. Discussion of safety fencing needs during our construction projects.
1. Action Item – Dave Swanson, Resident Manager will explore options.
v. Financial Statement approved by the Board.
1. Action Item: Suzanne to check if sewer capacity charge is quarterly or semi-annually.

c. Old Business
i. Reserve Study – The Reserve Study should be ready in 3-6 weeks. If a bank loan is sought to fund repairs, the Reserve Study will highlight all projects we should include in our loan request. We will need bids on the work as well. Assessment income would be the collateral for a bank loan.
ii. Reserves vs. Special assessment – There was some discussion about financial planning. It would be wise to preserve our Reserve Funds as much as possible, to assure eligibility for FHA financing in the building. If a loan is sought for upcoming repairs, a special assessment would have to accompany the loan request.
iii. Elevator Repair – See IV.a.iii

d. Action Items
i. Update rules and regulations including installation of Hard Surface Flooring – Suzanne’s assistant will go through regulation changes suggested by Renee and provide a summary for the Board to review.
ii. Silverfish – treated by Terminix, ongoing.
iii. Bi-monthly Manager’s report – Dave presented Managers report.
1. Jack – Dave Swanson, Resident Manager has been working with the E. Precinct Police Department on a restraining order against Jack Spence (an erratic visitor to the building). Dave requested the Board’s assistance. The board voted and approved having the Association attorney explore the matter.
2. Squatter – Moh An Teo of unit N302 has been occupying his foreclosed unit, even though electric power has been shutoff.
a. Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager is working with the bank who now owns the unit, to resolve the trespassing issue.
b. NOTE: The issue is now resolved and Mr. Teo has vacated the unit.
3. Vent Cleaning – is scheduled for October to clean dryer vents. Notices have been issued to homeowners.

e. New Business
i. Set future meeting dates – The City Library has been booked for October and November meetings:
1. October 19th @ 6:30PM
2. November 30th @ 6:30PM

f. Adjournment
i. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Minutes submitted by: Renee Fentress Date Submitted: October 18, 2009

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