Board Meeting 09 2008

Parc On Summit Condominium Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 6:30PM
Starbucks @ Olive/Summit

I. Call To Order
a. Forrest Rode called to order the Board meeting of the Parc On Summit Condominium at 6:30PM on Monday, September 24, 2008 in Starbucks @ Olive/Summit.

II. Roll call
a. Forrest Rode conducted a roll call.
_Present were:_
Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Pete Segall, Treasurer
David Swanson, Building Manager/Homeowner
Cara Chamberlain, Homeowner
Sarah Morgans, Homeowner
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
a. Board members approved the August meeting minutes, which were reviewed and approved prior to the board meeting via email. This was officially documented at today’s board meeting.

IV. Agenda/Discussion
a. Homeowner issues
i. Open Meetings – Sarah Morgans, homeowner, brought to the attention of the Board RCW 64.38.035, which essentially states that Board Meetings shall be open to all homeowners unless a motion is passed to close the meeting to discuss issues with legal counsel, pending litigation issues, liability issues, violations of the association governing documents, and personnel issues. The board agreed to keep the meeting open until a closed session would be needed (agenda rearranged to accommodate).
1. Action: Suzanne to review RCW with Parc Attorney Dan Zimberoff to ensure the Board is in compliance.
b. Financial Report for August 2008 and Reserve Funds – Presented by Suzanne Heidema
i. Suzanne reviewed the financial statements for August. See Financial Statement for details.
ii. The board voted unanimously to approve the transfer of funds from our current bank account to a brokerage account with higher interest yielding CDs from different banking institutions to provide FDIC insurance on all the funds. The issue of liquidity was discussed, and Suzanne explained that we could potentially avoid early withdrawal penalties because the broker can find purchasers of the CD. No specifics were agreed upon on the quantity and maturity dates of the CDs; however, it was discussed to keep the CDs in the $25,000 to $50,000 range with staggered maturity dates. The brokerage firm can detail our best options.
1. Action Item: Suzanne to transfer funds and report back to details.
c. Old Business
i. Interior Hallway Update– Cara Chamberlain, Interior Hallway Committee Chair, had no updates for the Interior Hallway renovation plan.
ii. Water Heater Bulk Discount Replacement- Steve Wilson met with Benla Water Heater to discuss getting a bulk discount on water heater replacement. Steve was impressed with their professionalism and pricing. Suzanne has been collecting existing homeowner water heater warranties, it appears that approximately 36 water heaters need to be replaced by the November 15 deadline. The following bulk pricing was sent out to the homeowners as an optional route to replace their water heaters:
1. 50 gallon electric water heater with six year warranty (Bradford-White) and installation - $695 plus tax
2. 50 gallon electric water heater with ten year warranty (Bradford-White) and installation - $785 plus tax
3. Additional $75 installation charge for those residences with the stack washer/dryer that has to be removed and reinstalled, to install the new hot water heater behind.
a. - New drip pan (mandatory if no pan present) - $35
b. - Water alarm - $35
c. - Earthquake kit - $75 (Several units have no strapping, or kit not meeting current code)

iii. Smoke smell in hallways – The issue on 3rd Floor North smoke issues was discussed again. There have been no recent complaints. There does not seem to be any inclination to purchase an ionizing odor eliminator. The general consensus is to take no action; it is presumed that if the Hallway Updates occur, new paint and carpet will alleviate the smells. No action for now.
iv. Disputed Collections – There has been an ongoing collections dispute between Parc on Summit and a homeowner regarding a diminimis amount. The dispute centers on invoicing and collections starting with Kappes-Miller (previous Property Manager), transferred to Yates-Wood (subsequent Property Manager), and finally Leschi Property Management LLC (current Property Manager). The Homeowner offered a resolution to split the outstanding bill 50/50 minus interest. Due to the length of time this has been outstanding and the minor cost associated with the dispute, complicated by the missing documentation due to the transfer of property managers, the Board unanimously agreed to accept the offer, stipulating that this does not create precedent.
v. Reserve Study– Suzanne has been in the process of getting bids for a full reserve study. After sharing one bid with the Board (approximately $4000), the Board unanimously agreed to allow Suzanne to have the authority to proceed with a reserve study as long as the cost does not exceed $4000. This authority was given to expedite this process. Suzanne will keep the Board abreast of the situation via e-mail.
1. Action Item: Suzanne to procure reserve study.
vi. Deck repairs – Steve Wilson is working with a Consulting/Architecture/Engineering firm (Corke Amento Inc.) to present Parc on Summit a proposal to provide services for the decking and siding project. This proposal will include project scope/bid requirements, design and rendering of the bicycle shed addition, and architect approval sign off. The goal is to have everything set up for a spring/early summer construction schedule for the repairs. Corke Amento recommended some minor repairs to the temporary deck patching for the coming winter, but felt it should be adequate to get us through another rainy season. Steve Wilson has Jorve Roofing scheduled to review the temporary repairs for bid on September 25. Steve will let the board know of these temporary repair costs via e-mail for an approval vote. David Swanson, resident building manager, agreed that the temporary repairs would be sufficient for the upcoming winter.
1. **Action item: ** Steve to obtain bid from Corke Amento and also obtain bid for temporary repairs.

vii. Website– Renee Fentress and Suzanne are in the process
of moving governing documents to
When the website design has been finalized, Renee will
send invitations to everyone to get access.

d. Closed Meeting Portion
i. Status of sewer assessment by King County– Presented by Steve Wilson. The County is holding firm on the disputed Sewer Capacity Charge collection; however, our attorney has proposed a partial settlement to resolve this. We are awaiting the county’s answer.
ii. Status on damage claims from planter boxes – Presented by Steve Wilson. There is one active outstanding claim with a homeowner concerning water damage from planter box leakage, with a tentative arbitration date in October. NOTE: There is one dormant claim where the homeowner is failing to respond to our settlement offer, or communicate with the Board. There are minimal repairs associated with the dormant claim.

e. Outstanding Old Issues Not Discussed/Tabled
i. Insulation on ceilings of the garage – The concerns for the insulation are the cost of replacement, code compliance, the noise factor for the first floor dwellers should the insulation be entirely removed, and the hazards of exposing the pipes in the garage, which the insulation is currently protecting. Can they be patched up and how? This priority will be determined in the Reserve Study.
ii. Timeline/Plan – Homeowner Ellen Hutchinson expressed concern about not having a Strategic Plan, or current plan or timeline for all projects, which will be resolved once a Reserve Study is complete. As this may not happen for awhile, Renee will setup a prioritized list of action items on the website with an estimated time of completion.
iii. Food Waste Collection - Renee offered to look into food waste collection.
iv. Roof Top Decks - Brent Parr expressed concern that the roof top decks have been improperly blocked off and are not being properly ventilated, which is increasing damage to the decks due to moisture being trapped underneath the deck, creating steam and warpage. He recommended screen installations there, instead of boarding it up. Steve Wilson will look into this.

Follow Up Report: The four (4) small areas boarded up to prevent pigeon nesting under the deck do not inhibit drain flow in any way. They do not extend completely to the deck, thus permitting continued water flow. The decks still have a multitude of seams, for water evaporation. Less than 1% of the aeration area has been affected. The decks are aged and nearing a renovation point. At the time of renovation, the screen concept will be revisited for consideration.
v. Laundry room – Issue tabled but discussed. The issue was tabled due to questions on budget. Renee Fentress suggested opening the laundry room up for an open house to let homeowners suggest what it could be. Steve Wilson mentioned it is currently being used for the Resident Manager's personal tools. He has also installed surplus cabinets for this space that makes it even smaller. It is only wide and long enough for washers/dryers and a table.
vi. Homeowner Association Seminar – A homeowner’s association seminar is running October 11, 2008. Renee Fentress and Joe Whiting will be attending on behalf of the HOA ($99/ticket). Steve Wilson and Suzanne Heidema had already made arrangements to attend at their own expense.
f. Adjournment
i. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Next Meeting is scheduled for October 23, 2008 6:30 PM at Starbucks

Minutes submitted by: Pete Segall Date Submitted: September 26, 2008

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