Board Meeting 09 2006

Board Meeting 09/11/2006

• The board is exploring our insurance coverage and various coverage options.
• We’re currently reviewing the audit report. We will be finalizing the audit report and signing the representation letter once we have finished the review.
• The board approved $1,500 per year maintenance contract for landscaping.
• The board has approved to retain a graffiti removal service. This service includes a complete protective coating, monthly onsite reviews, 24 hour turnaround service and free removal for any graffiti below 10′.
• The board is currently working on auditing all homeowner accounts. Out treasurer will be contacting Kappes Miller for account histories.
• We approved $5,000 for exterior doors during the board meeting on 2006-06-06. We will have a resolution on this issue within a week.
• The board has agreed to have Joe Whiting pay $125 for the awning damage, which is the price to replace the awning divided by the number of years the awning was in service. The board has approved $3488.12 to replace the awnings as long as the framing does not need to be replaced.
• The board will be talking with the onsite manager about power washing the roof top decks.

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