Board Meeting 09 2005

Meeting Minutes 09.14.2005

Present: Joe Stump, Scott Clawson, Erika Ayer, Jim Corbin, Ted Blackway
• Legal issues with S306
o It would be costly to pursue recovering legal fees from S306.
o S306 has filed suit against Parc on Summit, but has yet to serve papers.
o The board has decided to have the attorneys write up an agreement where we drop our claim to legal fees and S306 will drop the filed suit, sign a release against Parc on Summit and relinquish the domain to the association.
• A proposal detailing changes to be made to the rules and by-laws has been presented to the board. Due to the new board just being put into place it has been decided to table discussion until the next board meeting after reviewing the proposal.
• We have received the final bill from ERD with regards to the planter box project. Jim and Brett are going to follow up on the bill and pay off the balance.
• The special assessment billings have been sent out. In order to qualify for the lump sum discount you must remit your share by September 30th. Coupon books for the special assessment will be mailed out before November 1st. The payback period will be 18 months. $100 late fee will assessed according to the current late fee schedule.
• Legal issues S208 and S108 flooding
o S208 was responsible for flooding S108’s bathroom resulting in $4,470 in damages, which was paid from the reserve account.
o o The board has decided to bill S208 for the damages.
• Jim and Dave are working on the reserve study with the hopes it will be ready for review by the end of the year.

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