Board Meeting 08 2009

Parc On Summit Condominium Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 26, 6:30PM, Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church (1729 Harvard Ave)

I. Call To Order
a. Forrest Rode called to order the Board meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium at 6:30PM on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at the Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church at 1729 Harvard Ave.

II. Roll call
a. Forrest Rode conducted a roll call.

Present were:
Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Pete Segall, Treasurer
Renee Fentress, Secretary
Dave Swanson, Resident Managers
Cara, Homeowner
Brandon H., aKa Designs
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

III. Approval of minutes from June 24, 2009 postponed

IV. Agenda/Discussion

a. Homeowner issues
i. Complaints about person sleeping in storage area and garage.
1. The person who has been sleeping in the garage and storage area is a guest of a homeowner. The homeowner will be talked to. Are we rekeying the building?
2. Need to review draft by attorney for rule/regulation on Guests.
ii. Elevator repair questions: South Elevator – Cara expressed frustration for the South Elevator repair.
1. Last Thursday consultant was supposed to be out Monday, someone was at the building today and we expect a report on Friday or Monday. From there we need to get bids and then we will have a start/completion timeline. Pushing for warranty (1-5 years or 20 years), repair could be 8 weeks to 2 months.

b. Financial Report for August 2009 and Reserve Funds – Presented by Suzanne Heidema
i. Suzanne reviewed the financial statements for July 2009.
ii. There are now 14 homeowners delinquent on assessments, 2 over 90 days, and 6 who have paid. N101 homeowner is in California, has not filed for bankruptcy. N203 discharged. See Financial Statements for details.
iii. Water continues to rise and fall, Water/Sewer bill high for July but lower for August. Waiting for list of items to inspect from resident manager before scheduling inspections.
iv. Financial Statement approved by the Board.

c. Old Business
i. Reserve Study – in process.
ii. Deck repair project – Brandon H. presented the Board with “Plaza Deck and Exterior Wall Repair Specification Proposals” (dated July 2009). See packet.
iii. Elevator Repair – See IV.a.iii

d. Action Items
i. Update rules and regs including installation of Hard Surface Flooring – Renee’s changes have not been reviewed. Tabled to future meeting.
ii. Silverfish – treated by Terminix, ongoing.
iii. Bi-monthly Manager’s report – Dave presented Managers report.
1. Vent Cleaning – Scheduled for October 22, 2009.
a. Action Item: Send letter to homeowners about inspection of units.

e. New Business
i. Elevator Repair – See Homeowner Issues.
ii. Set September Board Meeting - September 24th, location TBD.

f. Adjournment
i. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Minutes submitted by: Renee Fentress Date Submitted: October 28, 2009

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