Board Meeting 08 2008

Parc On Summit Condominium

Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 25, 2008, 6:30PM
Starbucks @ Olive/Summit

I. Call To Order
a. Forrest Rode called to order the Board meeting of the Parc On Summit Condominium at 6:30PM on Monday, August 25, 2008 in Starbucks @ Olive/Summit.

II. Roll call
a. Forrest Rode conducted a roll call.

Present were:
Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Secretary
Renee Fentress, Director
Brent Parr, Homeowner
Ellen Hutchinson, Homeowner
Cara Chamberlin, Homeowner
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
a. Board members approved the Annual meeting minutes, which were reviewed and approved prior to the board meeting via email. This was officially documented at today’s board meeting.

IV. Agenda/Discussion
a. Elect officers.
i. Board Positions were elected for the 2008 - 2009 fiscal year: Forrest Rode – President, Steve Wilson – Vice President, Pete Segall – Treasurer, Renee Fentress – Secretary, Joe Whiting – Member At Large.

b. Homeowner issues – Presented by Suzanne Heidema
i. Smoke smell in hallways– the REALTOR for the unit for sale in the north building 3rd floor noted complaints of prospective buyers in regards to the smell of cigarette smoke in the hallways. Joe Whiting suggested ionizing odor eliminator (similar in appearance to R2D2) that he uses in his unit and will look into the cost of having this in the hallways. Possible issues will be theft of these units and cost.

ii. Water heater replacements – bulk discount – Steve Wilson has an appointment with Benla Water Heater for September 3 to inspect a sampling of our units, and discuss a bulk discount for owners needing to replace their water heaters. The owners received letters to replace water heaters with expired warranties by November 15, 2008. Brent Parr requested investigation into a discount or availability of small pans that go underneath the water heater, as the ones available at the store are too large.

iii. Website– the new website was reviewed and approved. Concerns about abuse were noted. Renee Fentress will have to monitor the site regularly as webmaster, to ensure content is appropriate. The homeowners urged that the site forums be reviewed at the board meetings to keep abreast of homeowner concerns and priorities. All present were for the acquisition of “”. Suzanne will need to get an account set up on for the transfer of domain name from Joe Stump. Renee will assist her in that undertaking.

iv. Interior hallways– The board thought that this issue should be tabled until the budget is solidified for the building exterior. However, Cara Chamberlin volunteered to lead a committee to explore the costs of renovating the hallways. The board thought this would be a great contribution and asked her to start prospecting for members for her committee and to submit her plan to Suzanne Heidema.

v. Insulation on ceilings of the garage– The concerns for the insulation are the cost of replacement, code compliance, the noise factor for the first floor dwellers should the insulation be entirely removed, and the hazards of exposing the pipes in the garage, which the insulation is currently protecting. Can they be patched up and how? This priority will be determined in the Reserve Study.

vi. Pigeons and bird-be-gone equipment – This no longer seems to be an issue, as there have been no further complaints after adjustment of the timers.

c. Financial Report for July 2008 and Reserve Funds– Presented by Suzanne Heidema
i. Suzanne reviewed the financial statements for July. See Financial Statement for details.

d. Old Business.
i. Status on damage claims from planter boxes – Presented by Steve Wilson. There is one outstanding claim with a homeowner concerning water damage from planter box leakage, with a tentative arbitration date.

ii. Status of sewer assessment by King County – Presented by Steve Wilson. The County is holding firm on the Sewer Capacity Charge collection. Our attorney says there is ambiguity whether a county statute or state law tolls the statute of limitations. Steve Wilson will review the RCW, and have a discussion with the attorney about our probability of prevailing in the event of litigation.

iii. Status on development at Pine and Summit – Presented by Steve Wilson. There is no official word from the developer if they will start their project or delay it until next year. This is affecting our budget/plan/timeline for repairs on the building exterior as we could save money working with the developer. Steve Wilson will follow up with the Project Manager on their go/no go decision, as they have no further known legal barriers. (Period for appeal to the Appellate court has now expired.)

iv. Deck repairs – presented by Steve Wilson. Currently no further bids on the deck repairs have been solicited, pending the Developer news next door. Brent Parr expressed concern that the roof top decks have been improperly blocked off and are not being properly ventilated, which is increasing damage to the decks due to moisture being trapped underneath the deck, creating steam and warpage. He recommended screen installations there, instead of boarding it up. Steve Wilson will look into this.

Follow Up Report: The four (4) small areas boarded up to prevent pigeon nesting under the deck do not inhibit drain flow in any way. They do not extend completely to the deck, thus permitting continued water flow. The decks still have a multitude of seams, for water evaporation. Less than 1% of the aeration area has been affected. The decks are aged and nearing a renovation point. At the time of renovation, the screen concept will be revisited for consideration.

v. Bicycle shed construction – Issue was discussed and tabled. The issue was tabled due to questions on budget, and because this will be a subset of the deck renovation. The person whose parking space is being affected by the bikes is an offsite owner, however they do visit the property. Homeowner suggestions were to move the bikes to the back of the building (exposed to the weather elements), or to a handicap parking spot that is not currently being used. (Probably not legal.)

vi. Laundry room – Issue tabled but discussed. The issue was tabled due to questions on budget. Renee Fentress suggested opening the laundry room up for an open house to let homeowners suggest what it could be. Steve Wilson mentioned it is currently being used for the Resident Manager's personal tools. He has also installed surplus cabinets for this space that makes it even smaller. It is only wide and long enough for washers/dryers and a table.

e. New business (since last meeting)
i. Resident managers on vacation – Dave and Ellen are on vacation - 8/22 - 9/2.

ii. Reserve study – Suzanne is currently investigating bids for reserve studies. Many of the companies are booked solid and not returning phone calls.

iii. Repair and replacement schedule for 2008-2009 – was not discussed.

f. New Business (discovery at meeting)
i. Homeowners at Board Meetings – Having several homeowners attend a board meeting was a novelty, which hadn't been seen for awhile. It was great to see a turnout and to listen to their concerns. It was decided that to streamline meetings, homeowners will have the first 15 minutes of board meetings to discuss their concerns and then the meeting will be closed off, for board members for Executive Session, to work the agenda.

ii. Timeline/Plan – Homeowner Ellen Hutchinson expressed concern about not having a Strategic Plan, or current plan or timeline for all projects, which will be resolved once a Reserve Study is complete. As this may not happen for a while, Renee will setup a prioritized list of action items on the website with an estimated time of completion.

iii. Food-waste collection – Renee offered to look into food waste collection.

iv. Homeowner Association Seminar – A homeowners association seminar is running October 11, 2008. Renee Fentress will be attending on behalf of the HOA ($99/ticket). Steve Wilson and Suzanne Heidema had already made arrangements to attend at their own expense.

g. Adjournment
i. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Minutes submitted by: Renee Fentress Date Submitted: August 25, 2008,10:41PM

Minutes approved by: Board Members Date Approved: August 29, 2008, 1:54PM

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