Board Meeting 07 2013

Parc on Summit
Minutes of July 1, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

Forrest Rode – President
Steve Wilson – Vice President
Matt Ayer – Treasurer
Joe Whiting – Member at Large

Marium Mohammed – Property Manager

Dave & Ellen Swanson (in part) – Resident Managers

Brianne Riley (in part) – Owner #N-103

Homeowner Forum – Brianne Riley inquired about a recent letter she sent to the Board proposing modification of 103/105 patios to encompass unused front planter space. Discussion revealed that changes would be difficult, as it would require a vote for homeowner approval including changes in unit percentages owned, and legal fees to have the association attorney draft amendments to the governing documents, to be approved on a ballot. She will evaluate further.

Resident Manager’s Report –Reviewed and discussed with Dave and Ellen. They will be following up on parking spaces with improperly stored items within them. Cleaning out of storerooms continues. Abandoned items will be removed after July 1. The Board authorized David Swanson to acquire and install an astragal to enhance security on one of the exterior doors, south building – south entrance. (Vote was unanimous 4-0.) The Board authorized the Property Manager to obtain bids for carpet cleaning.

June Minutes were unanimously approved 4 0.

Litigation – Vice President Steve Wilson reported that our lawsuit with the neighbor has settled. $15,000 authorized by the Board has been tendered to the Leckman’s. In exchange, the Parc’s contractors will be able to enter onto their property to complete our exterior garage wall waterproofing. This project will require some excavation and removal of most major trees adjacent to the Parc and Leckman property in the “disputed area”. Terms of the settlement require our use of an engineer to monitor hazard during the excavation, and use of an arborist for tree removal.

Treasurer’s Report- Discussion of the Parc finances, and the approved 2013 – 2014 budget. Printing and distribution of payment coupons is underway. An electronic notice will be sent out, to augment timely notice to homeowners. Due to our depleted cash reserves, a $76,000 special assessment was proposed, to replenish our operating funds. Moved and seconded by Rode and Wilson. 2-0 vote for approval by Rode and Wilson, but failed for lack of a third (majority) vote. The Board will attempt to get a rough order of magnitude bid for costs to complete the waterproofing project, before considering again.

Annual Meeting – The Board selected August 6 at 6 PM for the date and time of the Annual Meeting.

Next Board Meeting – Scheduled for August 19 at 6:30 PM in the Capitol Hill Library.

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