Board Meeting 07 2010

Minutes of the July 27, 2010 Annual Meeting:

Meeting called to order by President Forrest Rode, who then had all present introduce themselves.

Forrest presented the Annual President's Report to those in attendance.

Suzanne Heidema presented the Treasurer's report on behalf of Pete Segall (absent), whose term as Treasurer was expiring.

Suzanne Heidema reported that a quorum existed (in person or via proxy) totaling 43.6530%. (40% necessary for quorum.) She also attested that Notice of the Meeting had been mailed to all homeowners.

Nominations for the Board of Directors included Joe Whiting, Steve Wilson, Michael Park, Matt Ayer, Nicole Jacobs, and Louis Oblock. Elected to the Board were Steve Wilson (39.31%), Joe Whiting (35.89%), Michael Park (35.15%), and Matt Ayer (29.80%).

Louis Oblock voiced his concerns about security of the neighborhood and our building. The Board asked one of the homeowners present (James Stevens, who is a police officer) to respond. James noted with some humor that elaborate fences and security systems "usually just keep the police out". He shared his opinion that determined criminals can hop a fence or defeat most systems. He himself has experienced a car break-in. He advised that most crime is petty theft, and very common in large cities such as Seattle. Car prowls are one of the largest crime problems in Seattle. He offered common sense tips such as ensuring no one walks into the parking garage while the main door is up for an entering or exiting car. Make sure no valuables are left in plain sight in your vehicle. Better yet, remove them from the vehicle. Report loiterers in the garage to the Resident Manager. Know your neighbors, and find out who unfamiliar faces are.

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