Board Meeting 06 2012

June 19, 2012

Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Matt Ayer, Treasurer
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Michael Park, Secretary
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
Dave Swanson, Resident Manager
Scott Clawson, Homeowner

April minutes approved unanimously.
May minutes (after striking “pending some editing") approved by all except Michael who abstained because he was absent at the May meeting.
Michael is grateful to Steve for taking minutes at that meeting.

Financial report
May financial statements were reviewed by Suzanne. Suzanne will write a stern letter to one delinquent owner. Insurance will be paid this month.

Property manager's report (rear deck progress)
If weather cooperates we should be able to apply traffic coating this week. Might be done with deck portion in two weeks; still leaves small stuff (doors, temporary shoring, front planters). Drain plumbing is all done (no more parking rearrangements).
Contractor suggests now is the time to replace all our railings for $40,000, but the architect says we can defer that decision. The board took no action at this time.
South railing: Refund vs contractor? Decision deferred

Architect recommends ornamental pattern for deck: $9,000.
Matt moved that we accept the recommendation; Forrest seconded. The motion passed with Matt, Forrest, and Steve in favor, Joe and Michael opposed.

Resident manager's report
Dave sent his report to the board in email and went over it at the meeting. They have had a very busy month with the construction, rekeying, etc.

Ratify email approvals:
Master Insurance Package Renewal was approved via email, with Forrest, Matt, and Steve voting yes.
Resident manager's unit repairs (carpet, paint) were approved: yes votes from Steve, Forrest, Michael, Matt.
Medeco rekeying approved: Steve, Matt, Joe, Forrest.

Amendments to declarations
Steve will ask attorney for one more change regarding foreclosures.

S-106 and S-206 insurance claim re toilet damage.
The adjuster will visit Friday and inspect the damage. Close to getting it resolved. LPM to send email to owners/tenant involved.

Homeowner issues:
Ellen Hutchinson was not happy with the rekeying process, wanted to ensure that owner/residents be prioritized above contractors.
There were complaints about power outage caused by construction.
There were complaints about late notice re parking.
Michael brought up the confusing ballot/proxy wording. Suzanne will look into it. Michael offered his "help" as well.

The board and Suzanne went into Executive session.

Next meeting is the Annual Meeting, July 30.

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