Board Meeting 06 2011

June 28, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Matt Ayer, Treasurer
Michael Park, Secretary
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
David Swanson, Resident Manager

Approval of May minutes: Matt moved to approve, Joe seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Homeowner Issues
Dave suggested that we could reduce garbage pickups to once a week instead of twice (two dumpsters, with an occasional third backup dumpster); Suzanne will look into the numbers to determine how much money we would save.
Some people are keeping junk in their parking spaces in violation of the rules; Suzanne will write letters.

Financial Report
Forrest moved that the deck maintenance expenses related to patching and the cost of the fencing and removal of planter boxes be classified as an operating repairs and maintenance expense. Matt seconded; the motion passed unanimously.

Old Business
Signs on inside of roof access doors—Michael had the signs made; now they need to be installed
Deck repair project—Steve updated us: neighboring project is behind schedule. Currently, July 11 is the target date for Cramer to start waterproofing. The process should take 10-14 days.
Dave worked on new railings and fence between us and neighboring project.
Inspection of units by Dave Swanson—Suzanne will summarize issues and send letters to homeowners
Need bids for window and siding cleaning—requests have been sent but bids haven't come in yet
Bids for painting roof bunkhouse—Dave is seeking bids (for labor only; materials are all specialty)
Review of governing documents—the board suggested two additions to the letter to homeowners: that homeowners should send questions in advance (i.e., before the general meeting) and that the attorney will be present at the meeting.

Action Item
We have three bids for the work of replacing toilets in bulk ranging from $118 to $143 per toilet. The cost of the toilets themselves will be covered by government rebate (we hope). Dave and Suzanne will review paperwork regarding the rebate and also relevant RCW governing what kind of contractor is allowed to do toilet replacement.

Michael Park

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