Board Meeting 06 2007

Board Meeting Minutes – June 14, 2007

1) May meeting minutes reviewed and approved.

2) Treasurer Forrest Rode and Property Manager Suzanne Heidema reviewed finances. The Board voted to recommend a 5% dues increase to the homeowners for the 2007 – 2008 operating year, to cover increasing operating expenses such as insurance, and expected planter repairs.

3) Steve Wilson updated the Board on our ongoing lawsuit. A mediation effort is scheduled for June 26, and Board Members will need to be available by phone to vote on any proposed settlements. If the mediation effort is unsuccessful, we still have a trial date scheduled for November. Our attorney will be formally adding a product manufacturer as defendant, if we proceed to trial.

4) The Board elected Scott Clawson to the existing vacant position on the Board, and also elected him Secretary.

5) A new lock has been installed on the south gate, in response to homeowner complaints.

6) Siding repairs at the main entries have been started.

7) The Board approved a topcoat contract for $8,228 plus tax, to resurface the entries at the main building entries. (CRJ Construction Company.) This will impact the homeowners for N-103, N-105, S-103 and S-105 who will have their sliding glass doors raised to accommodate the new, improved deck sloping. The Board will be contracting with David Otto to reframe those doors. Some minor drywall repair will also have to be arranged by the Board, after the reframing is done. Estimated costs for the reframing and drywall costs are $2000 or less. Goals for this project are to prevent water pooling on our entry decks, and prevent water damage to the bottom sill of the building framing.

8) The Board approved a contract with All City Fence for $2,173 to build a tool cage in the north-east corner of the garage, to safeguard our lawnmower and other landscaping tools.

9) The Board approved reworked language on the flooring rule, for new floor installations.

10) The Board authorized Property Manager Suzanne Heidema to contract interim landscaping services for our existing plants and trees. (Our landscaping will be impacted by eventual resolution of the ongoing lawsuit, and also by the development of the condominium project to the south and east of our building.)

11) The Board approved a bulk purchase of emergency lights (29 total) at discount, to reduce costs in our ongoing program to update and replace lights.

12) The Board authorized a contract with Ventmaster at the rate of $28 per unit, to clean all the dryer vents in the building. This is expected to occur in September, and hasn’t been done since 2004. This is an important fire safety prevention item, and has the ancillary benefit of often improving dryer performance and reducing electric costs for homeowners.

13) The sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers will be tested in July.

14) One homeowner has reported insects in the south building. This will be carefully monitored and an exterminator summoned if another report/recurrence happens. Homeowners will be reminded to bag and promptly dispose of their garbage, especially food items and food packaging.

15) A notice was recently issued to homeowners reminding them that only motor vehicles are to be parked in parking stalls, and that the rules preclude storage of any other property there. The Board will soon explore pressure washing/cleaning of the parking stalls, and re-striping/painting of the stalls.

16) While the Resident Managers are on vacation (for their marriage), the substitute will be Daniel Locicero phone (206) 276-7141.

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