Board Meeting 06 2006

Meeting Minutes 2006-06-06

• We’ve had our lawyer review the contract with the new management company. He has suggested a few revisions, which we will review and submit to our new management company.
• Property manager’s salary was discussed. We plan on talking to our new property management company and revisiting this issue.
• The annual homeowner’s meeting is tentatively scheduled for the evening August 21st or August 22nd. We will be announcing a specific time and location at a later date.
• We have filed suit against TJV and ERD with regards to the planters. We will keep everyone updated as the legal proceedings move forward.
• Pending further follow through with regards to drip pan information we have decided to table this issue for now.
• The property manager has tracked down a few bids on replacing the aging exterior doors. We will have final numbers and a resolution on this issue within 30 days.
• If you’re interesting in becoming a board member please contact the board at gro.timmusnocrap|draob#gro.timmusnocrap|draob for more information. Currently, three positions will be opening up in August.

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