Board Meeting 06 2005

Meeting Minutes 06.09.2005

Present: Dan Jacobs, Jim Corbin, Scott Clawson, Eve Strenger, Ted Blackway
• With the recent board member vacancy and another board member who was soon to have a baby, it was decided the board needed to add another person. The board asked Ted Blackway to participate until the next association vote. It was unanimous to add Ted Blackway. Eva then asked Ted to switch position with her and that was agreed to. So now, Ted will be acting as secretary and Eva will be the member at large.
• Due to a recent water issue in two units, the board had to address what the policy would be with regard to the Parc’s insurance policy. It was decided that any homeowner can make a claim on the Parc’s insurance policy but will be responsible for the deductible, what ever that might be, which presently is $5,000. Homeowners have two options, use the Parc’s insurance policy or their own personal policy. It was also decided that there is the option of the homeowners using their own people after first getting a bid from the Parc’s approved venders.
• Discussion on Manager’s salary.
• Jim Corbin brought up the lump sum discount for the planters. Kappes Miller initially stated they did not have the capability to do lump sum payment calculations. However, that is now available and this can be done. So, owners now can pay the lump sum payment when notified and will experience the benefit of not having to pay the interest on the note. However, there will be a deadline with regard to paying this lump sum and after that has passed then who ever has not paid the lump sum will be issued their monthly assessment.
• The board unanimously approved the new budget.
• The north gate was discussed.
• Planters progress is going nicely. Interior walls were in need of repair in 2 units from the water damage caused by the planters but overall there have been few surprises and the project should be completed in a timely manner.
• There have been some recent legal issues involving unit 306S; The board decided that after completing the legal matter, the legal cost should be recovered for the Parc’s residents so the board will pursue recovering the such cost from 306S.
• S208 was in the process of complying with the carpeting order.
• Garage ceiling pans were discussed. The board decided to test a couple of these pans to see how effective they are. There was some concern about how to attach them and if there would be damage to the building. Jim took pictures of such pans in another building. Eva was going to contact Brett and follow up on this matter.
• August is the next Home Owners meeting. At this meeting three positions will become open. Dan Jacobs’ and Eva Strenger’s and Ted Blackway’s positions. Technically, Jim Corbin and Scott Clawson have one more year to serve. Board positions are a two year commitment with no limit on how many terms one member can serve.

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