Board Meeting 05 2012

Parc on Summit Board Meeting — May 22, 2012

Forrest Rode - President
Steve Wilson - Vice President
Matt Ayer - Treasurer
Joe Whiting - Member at Large

Homeowner Issues:

  • S-207 Hard Surface Flooring Request approved contingent upon receipt of written consent from S-107, and inspection of proposed materials and sound proofing by the Resident Manager.
  • Damage claim on a vehicle in the parking garage. Steve Wilson will investigate, and meet with the owner.

Approval of April Minutes deferred.

April financial statements were reviewed. Only one account receivable is over 30 days delinquent. Planned expenditures are in line with budget. The Board reviewed and adopted a budget for the fiscal year beginning July 2012. Steve Wilson recused himself from the vote. Tentative Annual Meeting scheduled for July 30, 2012.

Steve Wilson reported on the deck construction status, and litigation status with the neighbor.

The Board discussed the Resident Manager's report which had been submitted.

A storage locker survey is under way, and Michael Park has requested resident participation via the newsletter.

The Board enacted a new rule — Responsibility of Owners, due to concerns about security, and management of guests and pets.

Next Meeting: June 19 6:30 PM at the Library.

(minutes taken by Steve Wilson)

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