Board Meeting 05 2011

Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Matt Ayer, Treasurer
Joe Whiting, Member at Large
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
David Swanson, Resident Manager
Joyce Lane, Homeowner
Gabriel Garcia, Homeowner

April Meeting Minutes Approved.

The Property Manager will solicit bids for window washing and washing the exterior siding.

The Board reviewed the voting instructions for the previous Annual Meeting and Board Election, due to feedback from an owner. Consensus of the Board was that the instructions were explicit and clear, and they will be used again for the upcoming Annual Meeting and Board Election. It is difficult to mount a successful last minute “write-in” campaign. The Board urges candidates with serious interest to submit statements of interest when requested, so they can be shared with all homeowners well in advance of the election.

The Board discussed garage parking problems with the Resident Manager. (Some folks have been careless about parking between the white lines of their parking stall.) If a car is carelessly parked in such a manner as to prevent a neighboring car from parking in its adjacent stall, the offending car may be towed. Such a circumstance does not constitute an emergency. Do not call the 24/7/365 emergency phone expecting the Property Manager to deal with it, nor should anyone expect the Resident Manager to deal with it outside regular business hours. If you’re the victim, please park on the street using a meter. Leave a note on the offender’s windshield, and notify the Resident Manager of the infraction.
If you’re the offender, please exhibit some basic courtesy with an apology to your neighbor and offer to reimburse any parking costs incurred, and please be vigilant about not obstructing others.

The Board reviewed the April 2011 financial statements. Revenue collection is very timely, and accounts receivable are in very good shape. The Board reviewed and approved a new budget for the 2011- 2012 fiscal year (June 30 year- end), with a 3% dues increase.

The Property Manager reported that Schindler Elevator had cured the code violations written up by the City, on the most recent inspection.

New Business:
• Steve Wilson initiated a brief discussion about a need on the horizon for electric charging stations in the garage. Toyota has a new Plug-in Prius coming to market, and Nissan has an all-electric plug-in vehicle (the Leaf) coming to market as well. It is inevitable that residents will eventually want convenient recharging systems available. These installations require dedicated 220 volt 40 amp circuits that would have to be added to the garage. Issues of who pays installation costs, metering, and individual payment of electric costs incurred, have to be worked through. This will need to be coordinated with installing new insulation in the parking garage, so we don’t pay labor twice for installing/removing/replacing insulation. The Board deferred further discussion.

Old Business:
• Michael Park and David Swanson are still working on new signs about roof access.
• Steve Wilson reported on the deck reconstruction project. (Cramer Construction is due to begin work on the Phase 1 vertical exterior waterproofing on June 13, if the neighboring project is on schedule.)
• David Swanson is nearing completion of the unit inspections. (There are six units still to be done.) The Property Manager will begin issuing letters to homeowners detailing required or recommended repairs. These repairs will minimize water damage incidents and help owners comply with the requirements in the governing documents to maintain their units “in good order” at 11.5 of the Declarations.
• The Association attorney has incorporated feedback from the Board and is finalizing updates to our governing documents, for the Association to vote on at our Annual Meeting. (Our governing documents are about twenty years old, and need to conform to changes in condominium law and current business practices.)

David Swanson presented the Monthly Manager’s Report.

Next Meeting: June 28 at 6:30 PM at the Public Library on E Howell & Republican

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