Board Meeting 05 2006

Meeting Minutes 05.02.2006

• The board made the decision after much discussion, research and thought to switch management companies from Kappes Miller to Yates Wood & MacDonald, Inc. We will be posting all of our research and findings in a subsequent posting on the website. Kappes Miller has been given 60 days notice per our contractual obligations, which means Yates Wood & MacDonald will take over on July 1st.
• The center gate has been complete refinished and the north garage entrance is now keyed to be used as an actual entrance.
• Make sure you break down your cardboard boxes before putting them into the recycling bins. Please do not put trash into the recycling bins. Additionally, be considerate when using the trash bins because extra trash runs cost us extra money.
• Please be careful what you put down your drains. Everyone’s drains go into the same place and putting dangerous materials can cause problems for everyone and costs the association money in plumbing work.
What’s going on with the planter boxes?
We’ve had an investigative firm assessing the problems. It appears that improper installation is the reason for the current leaking problems, though this has yet to be 100% determined. We have retained a lawyer whom is pursuing our claims against the contractors. We’re meeting with our lawyers on May 9th to discuss the report from our investigative firm.
Is there anything being done with the garage ceilings hanging down and leaking?
We’re in the process of a reserve study, which will include the garage ceilings.
The front doors don’t close very quickly and are a security risk. What’s being done about them?
We have $5,000 in our reserve study for front doors this year. We’ll address this ASAP.
Not all of the gates have the same keying, which means we can’t use those as entrances.
We’ll be discussing it at a future meeting. The overwhelming theme appears to be keying, gates and doors.
Are there any weight restrictions in the building?
There is a weight limit for pets. Pets cannot weigh more than 35lbs.
What do we have in the way of earthquake insurance (or catastrophic even)?
There is a master insurance policy with a $5,000 deductible that covers your property only and not the contents of your condo.
Do we still have a management company?
For now it is Kappes Miller, but we have served 60 days notice. We will be moving to Yates Wood & MacDonald as of July 1st.

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