Board Meeting 04 2014

Minutes of the Parc on Summit Board Meeting for April 29, 2014

Forrest Rode – President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Joe Whiting – Member at Large

Marium Mohammad – Property Manager

David & Ellen Swanson – Resident Managers

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Corbin – Homeowners
Rod Holland – Homeowner

Homeowner issues:
Inquiry by Holland and Corbins about status of building envelope rehabilitation. The Board had a conversation with them about various issues currently being worked. Expect a Homeowner’s Meeting in late May/early June.

February Minutes:
Motion by Rode for approval, seconded by Gray, approved 4-0, Whiting abstaining.

March Minutes:
Motion for approval by Gray, seconded by Ayer, and approved 5-0.

The Board reviewed the monthly Resident Manager’s Report with the Resident Managers and Property Manager.

Review and discussion with the Treasurer about the monthly financial statements. We need some slight improvement in collection of our accounts receivable, all else is generally in line with budget.

A new homeowner has requested reimbursement of a tow fee due to confusion and miscommunication about where the correct parking space was situated. The Board authorized the Property Manager to offer to split the fee 50/50 with the new homeowner to settle this matter. Motion by Gray, second by Rode, approved 5-0.

An overseas homeowner reported that he never received mail or e-mail notice of late last year’s Special Assessment. He promptly paid the Special Assessment when notified of the debt, and requested abatement of any remainder due on his account. The Board authorized the Property Manager to make an offer of waiving the penalty and interest, if the homeowner paid the legal fees (referred to the attorney for collection) within five days. Motion by Rode, seconded by Gray, and approved 5-0.

Discussion with the Property Manager about when e-mail notice ought to supplement the mail service required by our governing documents. The Property Manager will contemplate our request, and report back later.

The Treasurer presented a proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014. There will be no dues increase. The budget was adopted by the Board. Motion by Rode, second by Ayer, adopted 5-0.

The Board authorized the Treasurer to submit loan applications for the building envelope rehabilitation project. Motion by Ayer, second by Rode, approved 4-0, Gray abstaining.

An inspector recently identified several fire safety sprinkler heads which had been painted over by residents and which require replacement. The Board directed the Property Manager to proceed with replacement, and the replacement costs will be charged back to the responsible unit owners as limited common expenses.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Recorded by Steve Wilson

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